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  1. Michael

    Current state of x10hosting & future plans...?

    Hello Danielle, I am sorry to hear that you are having a few problems with the Illuminated hosting account that you use. The server you are hosted on as a Prime member recently was upgraded and the cPanel software updated. This update may have caused some of the issues for you as cPanel is...
  2. Michael

    Outgoing email not being sent

    Hello, We have rather strict email rules on our free hosting service because of the amount of users who sign up for the sole purpose or sending spam mail. If you are sending out a email to many users that you might not receive a verification from, such as a job application. I would recommend...
  3. Michael

    Access from China?

    Hello, You can sign up for a premium account which has no such restrictions in place but there is no work around for free hosting customers. To view premium accounts plan options and pricing please visit -Michael
  4. Michael

    now my 4th request for unlinited disk space

    Hello, I have extended this accounts disk space for 24 hours allowing you to access webmail and remove the mail from the server. This is only a temporary allowance so please take care of this problem immediately. If you would like to prevent this type of problem from happening again you can...
  5. Michael

    Outgoing email not being sent

    Hello, How are you attempting to send these emails? Are you using the WebMail option provided to you directly from cPanel? Please try logging into one of the mail applications from cPanel such as RoundCube and sending a test message. Let me know your results. -Michael
  6. Michael

    How to get a domain ending?

    Hello, I have updated this accounts main domain for you. Enjoy! -Michael
  7. Michael

    Access Denied

    Hello, The most recent IP address you have used to access the account is from a proxy service. Please try using another network to connect to your account or disable this proxy. -Michael
  8. Michael

    Connection blocked due to frequent abuse

    Hello, The network you are using to access your account appear to be a public network or business network that has become blocked by our service due to malicious activity. Please try accessing your account from another network. -Michael
  9. Michael

    Disk Space Increase Request

    Hello, Sorry but this account is being used for file/image hosting which is against our terms of service so I cannot extend anymore disk space to you. -Michael
  10. Michael

    Sudden 403 Forbidden Error

    Hello, As Dead-I mentioned before you may be being blocked due to your mobile IP address. We block known bad IP addresses and this unfortunately includes many public/mobile IP's. The site is loading fine from our end.
  11. Michael

    403 Admin error

    Hello, It looks like you may have changed the permissions on your login page I have fixed this for you.
  12. Michael

    Wordpress: trying to preview or save and get this Forbidden.

    Hello, Which domain is it that you are having trouble with?
  13. Michael


    I corrected myself please see above. We currently do not offer users access to backups. You can use FTP and download the site files to backup yourself. We do backup our free servers and can recover files for users in some cases.
  14. Michael


    We do backup our free servers and can restore in some cases.
  15. Michael

    error log is empty

    Error logs are disabled on free hosting servers. Unfortunately they end up not being used by most users and cause problems once they become to large.
  16. Michael

    PhP Zip

    I enabled it on all servers but I did not force existing accounts to update to it. I just did that today. ZIP module for all!
  17. Michael

    PhP Zip

    I was able to add the zip module to all free hosting servers. Please confirm it is working. Enjoy!
  18. Michael

    Issues with X02

    I see the error your getting. It unfortunately is a MyBB error not a server related problem as I did check your useage stats. After doing a quick google search you can try this which I found in the MyBB forums ACP > Configuration > Server and Optimization Options > *NIX Load Limiting. Obviously...
  19. Michael

    PhP Zip

    I have checked all the servers. It seems only 2 have this module enabled. There will be a decision made today if it will or will not be allowed. Like Skizzerz said it can be a high usage problem especially when abused.
  20. Michael

    Hosting Account Space Upgrade

    Unfortunately a lot of your disk usage is due to the content of your backups which are found in public_html/wp-content/backup. Because of this I cannot offer you more space at this time. Maybe you can change your WordPress backup options. Please see this link for more information about...