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  1. descalzo

    Free Hosting account for my domain has been suspended, please unsuspend the account

    It actually was suspended, but that was masked by the problems with the server. I unsuspended it for you. Make sure to clear your browsed cache and history before checking your site. And sign in once a month to prevent another inactivity suspension.
  2. descalzo

    Auto-redirect to x10Hosting

    No idea how/why your WordPress is adding it, but there is some code in there with: meta http-equiv="refresh" content="6;URL="
  3. descalzo

    Please change my main domain name

  4. descalzo

    Please change my main domain name

    Yes, you can switch. Just post the new x10 domain name you want (after making sure it is available) and an Admin will switch it for you. eek.
  5. descalzo

    Please change my main domain name

    EEK! The admins have never said anything about removing accounts from countries like yours (Barbados?). The "ban" only applies to new accounts. Do reconsider.
  6. descalzo

    Can not get published

    Seems to be loading fine now. They had some problems with the new server that you are on.
  7. descalzo

    Apache Issue with DOCUMENT_ROOT

    You seem to be on the new server xo4 -- the 'apache' gives it away. New set ups often have small problems. xo2 doesn't have that problem (not running Apache) So an Admin has to check out the problem on the new server. Until they fix it, you could edit the line to use...
  8. descalzo

    Can not get published

    I see a site in light blue with a picture of the guy in your avatar at a laptop. Try clearing your browser cache and history.
  9. descalzo

    Unable to send emails

    How are you connecting to Zoho in your PHP script? SMTP?
  10. descalzo

    /cgi-sys/defaultwebpage.cgi Back Again

    I'm now getting: A Database Error Occurred Unable to connect to your database server using the provided settings. Filename: core/Loader.php Line Number: 346 So perhaps your ISP is caching too if you still see the default page.
  11. descalzo

    /cgi-sys/defaultwebpage.cgi Back Again

    1. This is a support ticket for Free Hosting Accounts 2. The default page always goes up in brand new accounts. Yours is brand new (so I don't understand the "back again" part) 3. When I go to your URL, I get a 403 Forbidden -- which means either a permission problem or you do not have an...
  12. descalzo

    Need to delete my hosting. Web panel glitched.

    If you have your own domain, just go to your registrar and change the nameservers to your new provider.
  13. descalzo

    Redirection to home page

    For me, it goes to your Test Home Page. Please clear your browser cache and history. Close the browser. Open the browser. Check the URL again.
  14. descalzo

    Erroneous redirection

    Go to cPanel and rename .htaccess to .htaccessBAK (or just delete it) .htaccess is the file that is usually responsible for this problem. Once you've done that, clear your browser cache and history. The redirect can be stored there, so you have to clear it out. Then check your site.
  15. descalzo

    Slow Servers

    Depends what you run on your site. If you have plugins that query third party sites for feeds, updates, content, chat rooms, etc, you are at the mercy of those servers too.
  16. descalzo

    MySQL database history

    You mean one of those annoying Sig type images that tells the viewer their IP and maybe browser, etc? They banned you for that? a) Tell them if you were IP scraping, you wouldn't have put it on the image. Just recorded it. Any image hosted on a hosting site can do that. b) Even if x10 had the...
  17. descalzo

    new site not loading

    Open a command prompt and try these two: ping tracert
  18. descalzo

    Account Suspended

    And let me add --- Always Make Backups of Your Files and Data and Download Them. 101 things can go wrong. With any host. Not to mention accidentally deleting public_html or dropping a database. Besides your computer, there are lots of places on the Web where you can stash extra copies of your...
  19. descalzo

    How do I change the front page of my website?

    Forget the DNS cache. It's usually your browser cache and history that is the culprit.
  20. descalzo

    How do I change the front page of my website?

    Your site displays. The problem is either in your browser or your ISP caching the old info.