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  1. repusmod

    Impossible to access this page

    OKay, well just like the title says I can't access some site, site is fine and running. I asked others if they can get on well they can. Even admin asked me why I don't visit his site anymore. At first place I thought I was banned but he said that everything on that side was fine.. So does...
  2. repusmod

    Checking AD!

    Well since my account seems allways to have the problems with ad, and I don't visit very often this "x10hosting" forum, I would like to know if the ad is okay on my site, so my account don't get suspended again for AD problem. Thank you again for the great and free service 10hosting. - Dom
  3. repusmod

    FTP, CPanel Isn't working

    Okay I know there was work done on servers, and I also seen Corey posted to post if our cpanel isn't working, so that is why I'm here, my cpanel isn't working same goes for FTP.. Infos.. Subdomain: Username: repusmod Thank you for the help..
  4. repusmod

    Translation (French to English)

    Well I need someone to help me translate few texts.. That is why I need someone who really speak 100% French and English... I don't know what I could do for the person who wants to help. But I have 57 points here on x10hosting, if you want them I'll give them away to you.. I can also make a...
  5. repusmod

    4 renders (High Resolution)

    Here they are, and sorry if they screw the forums, because of the resolution.q(^_^)p Here they are..
  6. repusmod


    Here are the latest sketches I did for of Inuyasha.. Inuyasha Miroku Kikyo Other Pencil Inked Tryed coloring, but I still have to learn Here is the rest of my pencil Inuyasha sketches...
  7. repusmod

    Wallpaper and Image enhancement

    Well here they are, you can comment them if you want.. Wallpaper Image
  8. repusmod

    DS New Signatures

    Well here I go again with 2 new signatures, I'll keep updating this thread instead of allways making new one, so the forum can stay more clean and less spam.. q(^_^)p New Ones Old ones
  9. repusmod

    2 new signatures

    Here they are..
  10. repusmod

    Latest Signatures

    Here are my few latest signatures I made, well comment please..
  11. repusmod

    Internal Server Error

    I posted this in "Computers and Programming" but since it is a server error I think this should go here.. It is a server error so It has nothing to do with installation, so I think only you guys can fix that..
  12. repusmod

    Help with this error

    If anyone know how to fix this please help and post here.. It is a fresh installation of my site..
  13. repusmod

    Looking for the song name

    Well I would like to know what is the song that is playing in the background in this video.. If anyone could help that would be great... q(^_^)p
  14. repusmod

    Forgot my password

    Well I was away for long time, so I fogot my password for my cpanel. Is there anyway that admin can help me on this. I was also warned like 3 weeks before to put the x10 ad banner, but since I was away I couldn't do that, now that I'm back I don't know anymore my password and I can't access my...
  15. repusmod

    Account Suspended

    cPanel Username:repusmod How long your account has been up:3 months Did you have the ads placed on every page: No, I think my forums started to be without ad banner at beginning of May. I had a complete website based on a PHP-Nuke with ad banner on everypage...
  16. repusmod

    Latest Signature

    This is latest signature I made with matching avatar, comment please q(^_^)p
  17. repusmod

    Cheap Game Servers

    Well I'm looking for cheap game servers. I need server for this game.. Game: Quake 3 Arena Point Release:1.32 with PunkBuster Mod: FreezeTag Players slots:around 13 If you know a good place well please post the link, thank you all..
  18. repusmod

    Can not access the site...Page not found

    Well I don't know, but can be my ip gobably banned.? Because I can't visit almost any website..Even x10hosting, I joined x10hosting by chance so I'm posting here before, I can not access it again. Even my own x10hosting site I can't access "Can not access the site...Page not found, Very the...
  19. repusmod

    PlayStation 3 details revealed

    In a glitzy ceremony held at Sony's film studios here on Monday, the company released eagerly anticipated details of its upcoming PlayStation 3 and said the console would reach shelves in early 2006. Boasting a new chip touted as being as fast or faster than the most powerful personal computers...
  20. repusmod

    Need a clan name

    Like the title of this thread says I need a name for a clan.. But since I'm not creative, and I dont have any imagination, you guys could help me by telling me good and short names for clan, plus the tag for it... Thank you...