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  1. Afterburn

    Want to join the x10 team? Read!

    I would gladly join, but again, I don't want to promise or try to commit to something I KNOW I can't put my 100% into. Sorry guys, maybe next time!
  2. Afterburn

    Pls review my forum site

    Its nice, the banner still doesn't have a place for the entire forum. Try making something with blue for your banner, aside from that, everything seems to fit correctly :). Good job, oh one last thing, someone has a signature the size of my screen, yuck! :P
  3. Afterburn

    [offer]1000 Credits per (whatever)

    There are people who don't have a credit card, so this is not a big deal for them, so let the guy make some x10 and get over it.
  4. Afterburn

    What software do you use to keep your pc run smoothly?

    i use nothing...:|. I don't even like having all these software installed to slow down my computer. I just use my common sense when it comes to going into websites and attacks. The only thing I guess that counts is Microsoft Vista Ultimate Firewall, but besides that, I don't use anything...
  5. Afterburn

    [REQ][100 credits]Sign up and post!

    Alright, i registered as afterburn. I posted in the Introductions and Graphics Contest Forums. :)
  6. Afterburn

    [REQ][1500 credits]Professional banner needed

    Alright, well I got a stupid little idea so Im attaching the edited version plus a redesign of the title. I hope you like them! :)
  7. Afterburn

    [REQ][1500 credits]Professional banner needed

    Alright, here is the logo and banner for your website. I tried making my own fireworks and they came out ALRIGHT, nothing fancy. Im sorry, but this is all i made with the time left.
  8. Afterburn

    [REQ][1500 credits]Professional banner needed

    Im working on mine as we speak, give me about 30 mins and I should be done.
  9. Afterburn

    my new changed site...

    Looks pretty generic, the portal also seems pretty plain. Try adding appeal to it :) Not much I can say, just gotta link your site to feel like the game you are working with.
  10. Afterburn

    Photoshop CS3

    Its okay, I only use it to retouch Pictures that I take. For web design and graphics design I use Adobe Fireworks CS3. It far superior to photoshop in chopping images to make into a graphical website.
  11. Afterburn

    [off][200credits]Test my torrent tracker

    Program: uTorrent O.S.: Windows Vista Ultimate Peers: 0 of 0 (1 in Swarm) Seeds: 0 of 3 Connected (1 in Swarm) Name - Status [DHT] - working [Local Peer Discovery] - working [Peer Exchange] - working - working Your tracker is connected but for some...
  12. Afterburn

    If you have the time, I'd love to hear your comments.

    Im very sorry, but that was my opinion :) My honesty was constructive as I would agree with that.
  13. Afterburn

    Free Domain(Read This)

    I have already bought 3 domains and i'll transfer my domains later in the year. Im thinking of getting one more and selling it, but im not so sure yet. :P
  14. Afterburn

    [off][200credits]Test my torrent tracker

    Im up for it, just Pm me!
  15. Afterburn

    If you have the time, I'd love to hear your comments.

    For a website that needs to be attracting visitors, it looks to me that your site should be repelling them. It looks pretty bad, you have to bring the viewers eye some eye candy and make it look very attractive. Try working with higher resolution images for your bullets and your logo. I bet...
  16. Afterburn

    Dreamweaver vs Notepad?

    Programs like Dreamweaver, Frontpage, Microsoft Expressions are mostly made for two type of people. One of those are who don't know anything of HTML coding and want something easily. The other person are those who know HTML VERY well and just want something less time consuming, if anything...
  17. Afterburn

    help me plz,, any one change my html file to php

    If you page file is named: index.html or index.htm Just rename the file: index.php After you do that, you will be able to use php coding in it easily with using php tags: <?php echo ""; ?>
  18. Afterburn

    Please Review My Website

    You probably don't have your meta tags established correctly or you just simply don't have your site adsense friendly. :) Anyways, your site is okay, works good, tried it using my works computer. I like the simplicity, since the whole purpose of proxy sites are to insert a url and then your...
  19. Afterburn

    [off][2000 credits]Selling domains for points

    I would do it, but quite frankly i don't want anyone looking at my card information or user information.
  20. Afterburn

    [REQ][1500 credits]Professional banner needed

    I'll work on one right now ;)