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  1. mr kennedy

    Account Management Panel problem

    Hello. I haven't opened my account in some time and I forgot my password so I had a reset. If I recall correctly, forum accounts are linked into cPanel accounts and forum login details are the ones to be used at AMP but it wouldn't let me login saying that it doesn't recognize my email address...
  2. mr kennedy

    IP's through the firewall

    Hi, this still hasn't been acted upon. Thanks
  3. mr kennedy

    IP's through the firewall

    Hello. Could you please allow these IP addresses through the firewall for my WordPress plugin? and Thanks alot!
  4. mr kennedy

    Mysql Host Name?

    Well this was asked back in 2007. Someone please close the thread.
  5. mr kennedy

    What do you use x10Hosting for?

    I use it for Wordpress and some random PHP codes
  6. mr kennedy

    Beating the FB blues

    Well not all of us have the money...
  7. mr kennedy

    What exactly is a subdomain?

    Not necessarily. It depends on how your subdomain is configured. For example, your domain name is '' and you wanted to create say a subdomain named 'forums'. cPanel by default creates a folder on your server root named what ever your subdomain name is. so it's gonna be...
  8. mr kennedy

    PHP Mail Function

    I won't be affected if I'm using Google Apps Mail right?
  9. mr kennedy

    The Best Mobile Device

    Well as much as I drool over phones like the iPhone, the new Android-powered ones or the new Nokia N900, I still love my Nokia 5800 and in my opinion, you yourself are the one who makes a really good (or bad) experience out of your phone. Yeah it has a WiFi but that's why I got myself a laptop...
  10. mr kennedy

    Cheap Microsoft software for students - Not Spam :-P

    Sorry if this is hijacking but they also have this offer in the US. They're selling Win 7 Home Premium for only $30 if you're eligible. More info here:
  11. mr kennedy

    HDD upgrade

    Wait, 1TB? Which one are you planning to buy? 2.5"(Laptop) or 3.5"(Desktop)? Either way, I suggest you go with Western Digital because Seagate drives aren't as reliable like they used to be...
  12. mr kennedy

    What are your Laptop's Specs?

    Is it ruggedized? and that's cool. Old faithful still does what it was built to do... even after some replacements ;) At the end of the day, that's what matters right? it gets your work done on the go :D
  13. mr kennedy

    How fast is your processor?

    AMD Turion x2 ultra dual core @ 2.3 ghz
  14. mr kennedy

    The Price is Right? WTFLOL!

    The Price is Right? WTFLOL!
  15. mr kennedy

    What are your Laptop's Specs?

    Do you use a laptop, notebook, or a netbook? Post your specs here and even some pics if you want to :D I'll start ;) Model: HP Pavilion dv6-1210ee Artist Edition 2 How old?: <1 Month at time of posting Size: 16.0" with a Max Resolution of 1366 by 768 Processor: AMD Turion x2 Ultra Dual...
  16. mr kennedy

    Help with my hp pavillion dv2000

    If it's not turning on at all, make sure that your hinges are not cracked
  17. mr kennedy

    Hi Corey. Can I ask for some of your time? I'm sure that you've heard that out home...

    Hi Corey. Can I ask for some of your time? I'm sure that you've heard that out home country, Philippines, is currently in a disaster after Typhoon Ketsana (or locally as Typhoon Ondoy) left off... I'd just like to ask of you, if it's not too much, to please spread the word to all of...
  18. mr kennedy

    New Premium Hosting + VPS Plans! (Coupons!)

    Space and BW now unmetered? WOW. I now have another reason to go paid with you guys :D
  19. mr kennedy

    This is another fake web hosting site?

    That's right folks! this nice guy's a fake... LOL just kidding zen :D (but I meant it when I said "nice ;)) --- You don't actually have to do the surveys you know... and besides, you have to wait for your activation e-mail but judging from your post, you didn't do those things... ahh kids...
  20. mr kennedy

    Do you believe in God?

    This is a sensitive topic so I'll try to not offend anybody with my opinion... If I do anyways, I humbly apologize... Believing in a supreme being is up to the person to decide but my personal views on it is I believe that there is one Supreme Being as my faith is under Christianity...