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    [game} Rename the person above you

    i rename "Smith6612" to "Sniff Drugs 6612 times a day ! " Lmao if this is in appropriate please tell me so and i will rename it
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    Internet Chain Letters?

    i think these people waste their time doing this, on a social networking site i go on called bebo, i get 100's of mail saying "Read this this is Freaky... Say ur name twice then press F6, Send this to a milion people in 2minutes" Lmao i think they need to get a life... its so annoying
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    ram, processor,or harddisk.

    wel my pc has 3.2ghz dual core processor 2gigs ram, and 3 Hdd's; 250gig sata, 80gig sata and 80gig IDE so it wouldent be a hard disk i would be choosing, i would most probally choose a new processor :D
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    Windows XP vs Windows Vista

    Windows Xp, vista is got so many bugs, its incompatable with alot of things, and its just like an unfinished version, its so un-professional Grr!
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    Paid or Free Hosting

    Free, because say young kids cant pay their way because they cant exactly get a credit card and able to pay over the net right? because when i was younger i had money, but no credit card :(
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    Metacafe VS. Youtube

    YouTube! Better GUI well layout if thats the same thing =\ lol ermm and its got lots more videos,
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    Which Weather you like the most and why?

    Re: Which Weather you like the most? Summer, Well i suppose only if its not too hot
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    Windows VS. Mac

    I Rekon Macs Are, Sorry, lol But Boring... the gui on them looks a bit better but windows pc's are way easier to use and u can do alot more on them :D