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    Ask Answers

    Thank you for your input. Yes the site also allows users to login/connect with their facebook, twitter, google, linkedin, or yahoo IDs. When a user is logged in they can rate answers, or receive ratings (stars) and choose the best answer to their question.
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    Ask Answers

    I have a new site and its like yahoo answers except that you can ask and answer questions anonymously/without having to login. Give it a try and tell me what you think. Thanks Ask?Answers!
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    Short Stories?

    Hi! Take a look at my site and let me know what you think. Thanks Short Stories Post
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    short stories

    hey guys working on a new site, would appreciate if you can give any feed back, link here --------------------------- review thread for my haikai blog is here
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    Just got a new domain and was gona install another wordpress blog but softaculous isnt working. Help please. Thanks
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    database error

    my site is showing Error establishing a database connection. pls help. thanks
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    Review My website

    Okay Ill be removing it from my site now. Yah I only did a quick search for a free dental image, the testi and ref can easily be removed.
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    Review My website

    tried to make one.. test site
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    Site gone

    Hi! My site is down, and when i logged to cpanel i found that all my files and database were deleted. Please help. Thanks.
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    Review my new styled web page please :P...

    Its nice and simple. You might wana add links/screen shot of some of your designs too.
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    What is the Best AntiVirus?

    my vote goes to avast
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    The Ctrl+V game

    Ao No Exorcist
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    im new here

    welcome po
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    Count to 1 Million

    2364 sugar crystals to lick
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    my site..your thoughts...

    it's built with wordpress and yes it's hosted with x10hosting :)
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    Review My website

    I the rv is no good. No i was refering to the like button earlier it displayed facebook platform with millions of likes. But now that i refreshed it it displays the correct one with 1 like
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    Browser Based MMORPG

    Try earth eternal. I use to play it during spm, one of the best browser based mmo, better 3d animation than runescape. It was acquired by turn out ventures and they did a character wipe :( so I dont play it anymore. You used to be able to launch it from their site but now I think you need...
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    Please review my Blog in 3D(RED & CYAN)

    Its definitely unique.
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    Review My website

    how bout trying the rvsitebuilder on the cpanel? btw you're displaying people who like facebook not people who like your site
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    my site..your thoughts...

    thank you for your kind words :) kennethmachado50: maybe in the future. I have nothing to replace it with atm. motwera: it would indeed be nice if the clouds would float behind the menu and other text..but alas i have no idea how to do that, I'm simply using a plugin and it doesn't have...