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  1. evenhotterchilli

    Flash Banner

    Hi guys, anyone fancy another challenge? First of all, visit my site, tell me what you think, its I am particularly proud of the flash intro and banner, however, it can be done better! This is where you come in, a new flash banner or intro for the site using all your...
  2. evenhotterchilli


    Okay guys, firstly visit my site . Feel free to watch the epidsodes. I feel the site design is a little dated now. I need a new banner, the current one is a slap-up job i did in 10 seconds for the release of the first movie on Christmas day...
  3. evenhotterchilli

    3DS Max Tutorials

    When you think of complicated and 3D design, I straight away think of discreet's 3DS Max 6! It has taken me ages to get to the stage I am now, and I owe most of it to these sites. Post your own tutes and links aswell please :)
  4. evenhotterchilli

    cPanel Login

    I have asked Corey twice to PM me my cPanel login information with, as of yet, no luck. Please could one of you send me my login information, as I don't know what my user name is. Cheers.
  5. evenhotterchilli

    Does anyone use Opera?

    Anyone using Opera? If so, what skin's are your fav? I'm currently using "The Blue Button". I think it owns! :)
  6. evenhotterchilli

    Lo guys!

    Hey guys, I'm new to x10, had a free host account from 1asphost, you can visit it herehere. I am hoping to move it to x10 really soon. I hope you like my animations, if a little violent! :rolleyes: