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    Can't load Divi

    This error occurs when trying to upload a theme or plugin file that is larger than the maximum upload file size limit set by the WordPress hosting provider. To fix this, you need to override the default file size limit configuration. There are a few different methods: Edit the theme's...
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    SSL Certificate

    Free users have been advised to use CloudFlare to enable SSL for their websites on x10 hosting. There is also an SSL configuration screen in DirectAdmin, it may not be immediately visible. You can find it by searching for "SSL" or navigating to the URL /user/ssl.
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    Site Loads Slowly... Deprecations?

    There can be several reasons why your page is loading slowly. However, there are some common reasons that slows down your page load time: 1. Optimize Hosting Solution: Choose a Managed cloud hosting for your website to ensure smooth and reliable performance and speed of your site. 2. Compress...
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    Gmail Backup: Best Practices and Solutions

    Some of the methods that you can use to backup your Gmail data: 1. Google Takeout: Google Takeout is an official service by Google that allows users to download a copy of their Gmail data. It enables you to select specific categories of data, such as emails, attachments, and labels, for backup...
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    second domain

    Register the domain with a domain registrar. Obtain X10 Hosting nameservers. Update the second domain's nameservers to point to X10 Hosting. Set up the domain in your X10 Hosting account. Allow time for DNS propagation. Test and configure the website.
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    Request for Increase Disk Space

    Great, it's the efforts that counts. You are meeting the requirements and after the review you will get the increased disk space, hopefully.
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    Request for Increase Disk Space

    You are meeting the requirements, if you have any backup, delete it for now. You'll just have to wait for the staff to review your account and after that you will probably get the increased disk space. If you are working on a website that you want to grow in future, I think you should switch to...
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    Some Websites Take A Long Time To Open

    Clear the cookies aswell. Some times its because of the websites, the loading speed of a website also depends. If that's not the reason then you can troubleshoot and resolve the issue in your mozilla launcher.
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    Magento Error

    I assume you are using magento for e-commerce store purpose. And if so, I would recommend you to go for managed magento hosting. As your store would be for monetary purpose and being built on magento would require more space than the free plan, so its best to opt for a hosting that would be...
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    Extra Space

    For excessive storage you must go for a managed cloud hosting. With a good managed cloud hosting you can easily host your website and focus on your goal, whereas the backups and updates will be taken care of by your hosting provider. Along with it the optimization and performance of your website...
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    Extra space request

    For more hosting space without charge for your site, you can: Make inquiries regarding upgrading or acquiring more space by getting in touch with your hosting company. Examine free hosting services with meagre storage capacities. On your PC, set up a local host webserver using XAMPP or WAMP...
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    Migrate WordPress Website

    You can transfer your WordPress website from x10hosting to any other server, if you want to. Using x10hosting does not restrict your future flexibility to move your WordPress website to different hosting companies. You are not required to host your website only with x10hosting. when you choose...
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    Difference between Free Plan VS Premium Plan

    Although bandwidth is unlimited, not all features of x10Hosting's free hosting package are. Additionally, even though you initially only have access to a certain amount of SSD storage, you can request an increase. You can obtain unlimited bandwidth, storage, domains, and email addresses if you...
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    LARAVEL error 500

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    LARAVEL error 500

    My bad. Can we go to chrome inspect - networks and check the response there and check your controller & router file. or do you suggest checking the laravel file logs and finding the issure there.
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    LARAVEL error 500

    typically, a 500 error indicates an issue with either your .htaccess file (located in the public directory) or the web.config file (also found in the same directory). Have you made any modifications to these files? I recall that configuring .htaccess files to function properly on XAMPP could be...
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    Upgrade hosting space

    For that much storage you must go for a managed cloud hosting. Within the ToS you can not reach that level. with a good managed cloud hosting you can easily host your website and focus on your goal, whereas the backups and updates will be taken care of by your hosting provider. Along with it the...