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    Forum Switch

    Nice , I like the New forum. :)
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    destination ip address in A Record is provided by x10 itself, Why do you want to use A record to point to x10 server again? Actually the A record is used to point your own domain to hosting account on a server.
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    Re Active Problem

    I unsuspended your account.
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    Removal of Limits

    Regarding the space you should read the Disk Space policy For unlimited features like emails, parked domain you should consider premium hosting Check the comparison of free and premium hosting here -->
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    Service just died for me?

    Level is under maintenance, Please check the status here -->
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    Can't unsuspend account

    I unsuspended your account.
  9. Gouri

    Account suspended without notification

    If you have premium account then you should ask support in premium client area -->
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    New Domain Support Ticket

    Hi, Just reply with new subdomain of your choice. The primary domain changes from to another of your choice. No files will be moved.
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    How do i upload a file(s)?

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    Safe Mode is on and has been proven

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    Does FTP access count to avoid inactivity suspension?

    No, The FTP or cPanel access doesn't count as Activity You have to login to Account Portal atleast every 30 days to avoid inactivity suspension.
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    Account Deletion Request - Please delete my free hosting account.

    Hello, I have marked your account for deletion pending a waiting period. Should you change your mind about deleting your account, please create a new ticket requesting unsuspension so that your account can be taken out of the deletion queue. Thank you for using x10Hosting!
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    Error establishing a database connection

    Your website is working fine for me. check and post back again if the issue persists.
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    I want to leave x10hosting

    Hi, I marked your account for termination.
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    I want to leave x10hosting

    Fill the following form
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    Updating some threads

    You have to login to Account Portal to keep your account not Cpanel I updated the information.
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    What's the renamed server name - Chopin Server

    I just quoted the part of the thread from news and announcement section.
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    Files are missing or it's the permissions on the server needs to be changed on VOX

    Re: Files are missing or it's the permissions on the server needs to be changed on VO Hi, Just confirm that files are missing by looking into File Manager in Cpanel and then post a support ticket, The staff will restore your files. We have your backup. If all files are there then regarding...