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    Network Blocklisted

    VPN/Corporate Network/TOR are not allowed. Disable it, clear your history and cache and try again.
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    Corporate Networks/VPNs/TOR is not allowed. Turn off the VPN or TOR and try again.
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    Website not working (This site can’t be refused to connect., ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED)

    Your site is working on my end. If you are still experiencing this issue, it would mean that your IP Address likely got blacklisted by the server itself, most commonly for failed login attempts.
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    Error detected
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    Kindly unsuspend my website

    If suspended for inactivity, you can unsuspend it yourself by logging into the account panel
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    I have a problem with strict_trans_tables in MySQL

    SQL Strict mode will not be disabled. Contact the script vendor to see if there is an option with strict mode enabled. Otherwise this script will not be able to be used with the hosting.
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    The security certificate is not valid for all browsers

    In response to the Cloudflare part of your question, no. The free sub domains can not be used with Cloudflare, only exception being those who had it setup with cPanel prior to server migration.
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    503 Error on our website

    Are you using Wordpress, if so I’d start disabling extensions of Wordpress and see what’s causing the issue.
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    Blocked IP?

    Servers have been up the whole time. Your issue is something else.
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    I want to recover my x10hosting account

    You must post your request at that link as the error message instructs. That is the only way it will be reviewed.
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    Account disabled

    What do you mean by disabled? What does it say when you log into your account panel at
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    error code E6BC3DF43A12849CE

    This code is saying the Network Blocklisted for VPN/Corporate Network. I'm going to notify an admin to review this to verify.
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    I want to recover my x10hosting account
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    I want to lift my multiple account restrictions: Domain name: error code is E4043B25DA1FAF30B. Thank you very much
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    PHPMail not working with gmail

    I have PHPMailer on x11 as well, and it works fine.
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    PHPMail not working with gmail

    PHPMailer is allowed on free hosting. I'm not sure where you got that it is not allowed.
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    VPN is not allowed. Turn off the VPN in order to access.
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    PHPMail not working with gmail

    Gmail is likely rejecting it due to it being unauthenticated mail by just using mail(). It would take a lot to get it to accomplish that task, but I would recommend using a library like PHPMailer
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    error code E6BC3DF43A12849CE

    This error code is invalid. Trying again and getting a new error code wipes out the previous one. Please try again. If you get a new error code, please post that error code and refrain from doing anything after that so the code stays.