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  1. Brandon

    My 1st website :)

    Looks like a good start. Coding is hard at first but you catch on quickly. Once you get more proficient in HTML/CSS try adding some dynamic content to your pages.
  2. Brandon

    Guess Who Posts Next

    I WIN SierraAR
  3. Brandon

    Guess Who Posts Next

    LIES Brandon
  4. Brandon

    Guess Who Posts Next

    BOOOM SierraAR
  5. Brandon

    Guess Who Posts Next

    Hey homies, over here :P Fedlerner next
  6. Brandon

    greetings to all

    Greetings and welcome to the forums. I hope you enjoy x10Hosting :)
  7. Brandon

    Guess Who Posts Next

    Hello, I would guess mattura
  8. Brandon

    Chris Z is back!!!

    Who are you? Welcome back bro !
  9. Brandon

    The Ctrl+V game

    You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to sander k again.
  10. Brandon

    posting question

    What do you get if you follow this link?
  11. Brandon

    Computer not working

    I'd start off by removing all components and replacing them one by one. I had a similar incident, ended up being a stick of ram.
  12. Brandon

    Is this a Nulled Script?

    Hello, Please contact the support team at to learn. Freely posting a download link to the script is not advised.
  13. Brandon

    Whats The Last Game You Bought?

    Cities XL 2012
  14. Brandon

    What is the Best AntiVirus?

  15. Brandon

    HRU (High Resource Usage) Policy Change

    Hello, The premium hosting has different resource usage allocations which can be found in the terms of service here.
  16. Brandon

    what child?

    what child?
  17. Brandon

    Ohai there x10 :3

    Welcome to x10Hosting sir!
  18. Brandon


  19. Brandon

    i buy a vps

    Hello, I have fixed the issue and sent you a new password.
  20. Brandon

    Alert-alert - google de-indexed/banned all sub domains

    Nah, was a domain that was registered. Someone was providing free subdomains to all the good little boys and girls.