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    can u...

    i have a few addon domains pointing to my account at the moment all of which display other sites like and dont display in the addon domains part of cpanel but tells me when i readd them that thier there can you please unadd them even tho there appears to be not setup cpanel is...
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    why is my account pointing to another site on some pages?
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    does vbulletins archive

    :blink: ... get pruned or do all deleted/closed/unposted topics stay there for ever?
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    Spammer In The Mists

    circleshosting are spam mailing x10hosting members slagging them off offering half the price.
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    unsuspend my account

    cPanel Username:madness Subdomain: madness How long your account has been up: bout a month Did you have the ads placed on every page: As far as i can remember yes :innocent: there may have been 1 or 2 i forgot can u unsuspend my account delete it and recreate it (with old stuff gone to fix...
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    When Will It Be Fixed

    i need my account deleted then recreated cause its messing up so could you if possible fix my account i really need it done :blink:
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    im buying a dedicated server later this year if cash goes well and i want to know to start off is a pentium 4 2.8gHz with a 1024mb RAM be of a delecitble speed and memory compacity or is it excuse my french s*** :chris:
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    why vbulletin?

    i know this sounds dum but i really dont see the attraction to vbulletin, its not that good there are better scripts out there or you could develop your own of course and it costs for not much better stuff name 10 things each thats so good about vb apart from it making your company/site look...
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    mySQL 5.0 has been released!

    finnaly there is now a more impressive and great version of mysql out and it looks to be great can one of the admins install it to x10hosting for us? :grin:
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    Question About Hosting Rule!

    I know we're not allowed to give away hosting with our x10hosting accounts and i dont intend to but i am buying a dedicated server to give basic hosting to people and i was wondering if i could make a ordering and plan presentation site for it with my account im giving paid hosting with my...
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    how to i get an internet relay chat server :fear:
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    heres my problem i have a database with a table named thingys when you do a database query that has mulitple results does it put it into an array of them or just the first one it has that matches the query :blink:
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    .tk cost

    if i were to pay for a .tk with dns is it reliable is it cheap? and does it payable by paypal and arn't they all taken by free riders :blink:
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    Php And Mysql Forum Rephrased!

    please can you delete my php and mysql forum thread as I have rephrased my question now is there anyone who can reccommend a forum script not anything like phpbb and ipb or stuff but just source code tutorial source code on making a basic php and mysql forum i need it mainly to see how simple...
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    x10hosting username to my site

    can someone help me with my php and mysql forum problem posted at the end of my last thread here plus admins i want to check if someone has come is a member of x10hosting's forums is there a certain cookie with there username i read to the file and write hey there then thier x10hosting username...
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    php and mysql forum

    :original: i know its possible to display forums by using the while() command to go through and print each one and its details but when it comes to categories and forums theres a different amount of each so how would i go about displaying forum categories and the forum stats when the categorys...
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    Flash Live Chat Room

    humm wondering if it was possible to set up a flash live chat that reads a .txt file and returns the current convo i need some actionscript way thanks mike :original:
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    google ads

    i think i heard somewhere that google adsense at the bottom of the pages used ti be used i hope in future you release a new plan where we can put them on our sites and make x10hosting and make x10hosting some cash as the x10coroporate banner advertise here doesn't seem to be doing well as...
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    1 Strike!

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    Well Can I Display Ads With A Plain Img Tag?

    i posted earlier this question i know but it never displayed on the forum at all but i searched and its definatly here hope fully this will appear on the first page as te newest like it should do if you find my other simmular post jst delete it :) so can we use <img> tag and the url of the...