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    The Downfall of the Gaming Industry

    I too started back in the pong unit days, coming up through pacman, space wars, space invaders, the police/kings/space quest era. I would just like to make it known that this lack of creativity in the gaming space is NOT because of any extra emphasis on graphics. There is no reason whatsoever...
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    PS2 dropping below $100!

    I guess that's good if your PS2 bites the dust, but... This is definitely non-news.
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    Fallout vs. Oblivion

    I'm a sci-fi and post-apocalypse nut, so I really have to go with Fallout 3 here. I get the crashing just like everyone else But the game is so good. I got it awhile ago and just stopped doing the main quest just to explore around. Gotta love 3-Dawg. Haven't played Oblivion yet, but I got sick...
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    X10Hosting Uptime Fluctuating

    I checked out another host while the down time is happening. Though, I really want this one to get stable like I assume it used to be, because they give you 3 mysql databases. Which is awesome. But I've got a backup host while things settle down. Just have to remember to come back every once...
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    How long is it going to take?

    I have to admit, I'm not that impressed either... I mean when I first joined, I had to wait until the next day until I could login to my cpanel. It was pretty speedy for that first day but now I just get failed to connect. It almost seems like a really elaborate forum sign up. That's kinda...
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    Probleb with logging in

    I'm getting the same thing. I just signed up so I don't know if that's an issue or not.