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    Problem with my Account! Read admin's!

    My account is not suspended but i can't login, and it does have a old cpanel login(not the x10hosting login panel) i really know it was the same as my forum user, pass.
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    Amendment to changes

    Huh... WORKS AGAIN(i mean my old account[i really mean my forums account only :P]) gonna try to reactivate, oh ye delete my new acc :P
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    Anyone tried Google Chrome?

    The 3.0 Beta is so fast it pwn's firefox
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    Which Operating System do you prefer?

    I Prefer any Linux versions you like (paid/free) because there are only like 4/5 known viruses for the Linux Kernel(Or for GNOME, KDE) and i prefer it too because ubuntu 9.10(Alpha 4) does have a record of 8 seconds on a EFI( system
  5. B security certificate?

    Then ask Opera if you want the x10hosting security certificate in their database... Firefox its just registered >:D
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    There should be one place for help..

    Russ is right there should be 1 place for Hosting Support
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    Apache 2.2.12 released!

    There's a new Apache version
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    FTP Cant connect

    When trying to connect this says: Connection Estabilished Waiting for Welcome Message... And then after 30 seconds it says Connection Timed Out. I cant upload files
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    Feature requests - PHP

    I would like PHP 5.3.0 support :D
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    smf Or phpbb

    I like SMF because it haves some built in options that phpBB not haves like Karma. And if you want a MOD on phpBB you'll have to install AutoMOD or doing everything yourself. SMF is the easyest for MODS
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    Improved Service Performance

    Thanks, the WHOLE x10hosting staff for helping me Thanks for saying thatm i think you will post that on announcements until its official, right?:dunno:
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    McAfee warning for

    The Microsoft Malicious Links Database is also wrong it blocked i had to set google in my whitelist to work
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    What the above Person Deserves!!!

    slap for saying gun license because guns are illegal in my country!
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    Installing Linux

    I still want to make my own home server, But i dont get apache to work i have ubuntu 9.04 server edition
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    Chopin/Stoli Updates Discussion

    Maybe, Because some hosts still use PHP 4, and phpMyAdmin doesnt support php 4. BUT because PHP 4 is End-off-life they will maybe update phpmyadmin to version
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    20 credits to register

    I will register
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    Hi, and I'm an music producer from chicago.

    I like Rock & (Heavy) Metal
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    Chopin/Stoli Updates Discussion

    Seems this configuration works fine i dont get out of time messages from firefox
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    Can't access cPanel

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    Do you read contracts/terms of service/licenses?

    I've never read X10 TOS still nothing done wrong:drool::drool::drool::drool::drool::drool::drool::drool: