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  1. lafx1032

    Important Multi-Account Unblock Requests

    I want to access to my account. Please unblock my account : Username: lafx1032 error code is EDF25E6D6E204D492 Thank you
  2. lafx1032

    problem with email on

    Many thanks for reset today, it is only 78 days, about 3 months you need to solve this problem with email.
  3. lafx1032

    problem with email on

    I have same problem. Admin have to reset xo1
  4. lafx1032

    cPanel and email

    After login to cPanel I choose Mail and after that I can not find Configure Email Client as before. I want to manually change email settings, but in new cPanel I can not find how to do it.
  5. lafx1032

    where is my site and my files ???

    Do you on VOX server ? Many people have problem with VOX.
  6. lafx1032

    site has been down one month

    I have same problem, too
  7. lafx1032

    Please help site been down for over a month

    I have same problem
  8. lafx1032

    cPanel problem

    I can not enter to cPanel too :-(
  9. lafx1032

    Account suspension

    Thanks for unsuspension and notice about error. Unfortunately after my success login to account portal I can not login to C-Panel (If I click to blue button). System ask for password again (?) and can not accept my password. Can you reset my password or make same password as for account portal ?
  10. lafx1032

    Account suspension

    my account is suspended too. same screen with very long duration ?