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  1. remy87x18

    Website missing and NO cPanel?

    I'm glad you posted this up. It startled me too earlier, until I opened this thread. Glad some of you mentioned the switch theme. I was very comfortable with my default cPanel. The other theme just telling me I have no website, create one, etc....which sort of freak me out.
  2. remy87x18

    Unlimited Disk Space please.

    Can you upgrade me to unmetered too? Edited, never mind, just read the other thread, I didn't use 50% of my disk space yet.
  3. remy87x18

    Switching from basic to cPanel v3

    Yippee, it works again, thanks Dead-i !
  4. remy87x18

    Switching from basic to cPanel v3

    Just realize I can't access to cpanel or Cpanel3, just give me that "1" at the corner. cpanel user is magnus1, please fix, thanks.
  5. remy87x18

    Fix domain

    Many thanks Bryon!
  6. remy87x18

    Fix domain

    Yeah, my main domain still says CO.CC as well. I just wish we, the users, have the capability to edit or delete our Main Domain in CPanels. Currently, thanks to Sharky, I am using Dot TK as a park domain. I would preferr to have my Park Domain as a reserve, as oppose to be used up as of now.
  7. remy87x18

    Can't access my site, what happen to CO.CC domain?

    JJ, I did do the Add Domain as suggested from the link, yet my Main Domain still says CO.CC instead of the TK. Hm, not sure if it takes 48hours or not for that new Add Domain, to kick in, but right now it's just show error. Or maybe because I left a blank for that IP Address field on Dot TK...
  8. remy87x18

    Can't access my site, what happen to CO.CC domain?

    OK, now that I just registered a new domain at Dot TK as per Sharky announcement thread, where is the section in cPanelX that allow me to edit my domain name? Also, I noticed at Dot TK, after they asked for Host Name which in this case I filled out:,, there...
  9. remy87x18

    Can't access my site, what happen to CO.CC domain?

    That is really good to know that you guys are working on the CO.CC situation. As for open request support, I'm assuming you mean the Community Support. I just posted my question in there, hopefully it get changed from CO.CC to X10mx
  10. remy87x18

    Can't access my site, what happen to CO.CC domain?

    Thanks for the feedback and link everyone. Too lazy to search for another good free domain. So the question now is, how do I switch or sign up for X10hosting, X10mx domain? Can't seem to find or where to change it at CPanelX.
  11. remy87x18

    Can't access my site, what happen to CO.CC domain?

    It's been 2 days now and I can't access to my site. Something is wrong with the domain CO.CC because now it will only give you Optimum Online if you try to visit that domain? If so, darn it, it's been a long time and I already forget how to get a new domain as well as the procedure to link it...
  12. remy87x18

    Website doesn't load!

    LOL, it's funny with all the problems that had arise. Yesterday it was the Welcome to X10Hosting error page, today the site is not loading. If the premium account has the same issue....then I don't see how many people would want to sign up.
  13. remy87x18

    Site Not Accessible via HTTP (Get "Welcome to x10Hosting")

    I have the same issue today. I thought someone hacked to the account since yesterday worked fine for me. The different between your thread and other because your title was straight to the point, so I posted it here: Get "Welcome to x10Hosting (that error message)
  14. remy87x18

    Suspended due to inactivity, but I just posted 3 days ago. Why?

    My last post was on 2/12/12: Today (3days later), I got an email from x10 stated that my account is suspended due to inactivity. So, I had to follow the link and...
  15. remy87x18

    Best Malware Detectors? Is Spybot Search & Destroy up to date?

    I just installed both Spybot and Malwarebytes just to be on the safe side.
  16. remy87x18

    Will Anything Better Than the Ipad Ever be Made?

    I totally agree! When it comes to real work, I prefer laptop over Ipad (or any tablet) any day.
  17. remy87x18

    Will Anything Better Than the Ipad Ever be Made?

    I like the Ipad, but my biggest beef is the no SD card or external storage. I still prefer the freedom of moving file from one device to the other without some sort of cable connection or wifi involve.
  18. remy87x18

    Posting in forum once a month

    Let me get this straight, if you log in and later log out, then the system monitors it as a visiting. Does that have the same meaning as though you were never log in to begin with?
  19. remy87x18

    What is your favorite Songs/Artists?

    I like all oldie songs from 50, 60, 70, 80's. But my favorite song of all time is Right Here Waiting by Richard Marx.
  20. remy87x18

    Are the new PC Touch Screen Monitors Really Worth Getting?

    Touch screen to me is only good for small device like Iphone/Ipod/Ipad or something similar that is on the go. When it comes to computer or laptop, I prefer the old fashion keyboard and mouse. If you're working with Photoshop or drafting e.g. AutoCad, don't expect finger touching the screen...