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  1. The_Magistrate

    What kind of numbers are you guys running?

    Pardon me for asking, and feel free to disregard this thread if my questions are too intrusive; what kinds of user number is x10 working with? I saw in another thread that there were something like 7,000 accounts. Pretty impressive. I also saw that the forums have over 22,000 accounts...
  2. The_Magistrate

    Old TV Episode I Can't Remember

    I doubt many people on this forum are old enough to remember this, but I figure I'll ask anyways. When I was younger (8 or 9) I remember seeing an episode of a TV show where the main character was trying to solve a crime. One of the clues to the crime was hidden in a wall. This wall...
  3. The_Magistrate

    Offering to help new-comers.

    To anyone I don't know, welcome. I've been absent from these forums for a very long time. As a tenured member of x10 who is feeling rather charitable, I'm offering to help up-and-coming web developers. By no means am I a pro, but I will offer help where I can. I can offer help in the...
  4. The_Magistrate

    You'll laugh your a$$ off!

    I just had to share this with everyone. If you've already seen this clip, or saw it live, you'll know what I'm talking about. When sadistic stand-up comedians are at their best:
  5. The_Magistrate

    Another template

    I've made another template. As always, it is XHTML 1.0 Strict and CSS 2.0 compliant. I threw in a neat little trick to show/hide the menu. :) Let me know what you think. I would appreciate constructive criticism.
  6. The_Magistrate

    How to become a REAL web developer

    I've been seeing a lot of posts recently about people's newest "template." I put quotes around template, because they may call them a template, but they really aren't. Putting a few gradient filled boxes into a Photoshop image and slicing it does NOT make it a template. Designing a website...
  7. The_Magistrate

    Hey look! A band-wagon!

    Since everyone else is submitting their templates, I figured I would submit one of my own. I posted it so that users who are currently making their own templates can see how it might be done. Also, anyone who might want to use this can contact...
  8. The_Magistrate

    Cool new way to view websites

    This is a sweet Java applet which allows you to view the HTML structure of a site visually. I know it sounds kinda odd, but it's pretty cool. It parses the HTML tags and represents them as colored dots with relationships between them. I used it on my site while developing, and thought it...
  9. The_Magistrate

    [OFF] Free .mac-style storage

    Apple offers online file storage through their .mac service. The cool thing is, you can sync files on your desktop to your .mac account. Problem is... it isn't free and it only works on Apple computers. There is an alternative! offers 1GB of free online file storage with some...
  10. The_Magistrate

    Display your last BoxedThought on your website

    If you don't already know what BoxedThoughts is, check out There is a complete explanation under the FAQ on that site, so I won't go into it here. If you use the site, you may have noticed the XML Metadata feature and wondered what it's for.... Basically, its...
  11. The_Magistrate news

    Any news about the renewal of the toplevel domain? I know Corey was waiting to "regain control" of it but it seems to have been taken over and now points to an annoying search site.
  12. The_Magistrate

    Account Suspended

    cPanel Username: alexele Subdomain: X10 Package: Advanced How long your account has been up: 6 Months Did you have the ads placed on every page: Yes. I'm assuming my account was suspended because of the inactivity timer. I just learned about this timer today. I...
  13. The_Magistrate

    x10hosting buttons

    I whipped together this button for my blog. Thought I might share. If anyone else feels creative, you can post your buttons here too!
  14. The_Magistrate

    Hidilly-ho neighborin-o!

    I just wanted to drop a line and say hey to everyone here. I look forward to joining your community. Ciao. :laughing: