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    Hy, everryone!

    Hy, everryone!
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    Check out my new Photoblog

    Is new, no much content
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    Logo & Banners

    I must work for this, but now is free domain and hosting, they make me problems
  4. nocrisis110mb26

    Logo & Banners

    Hi all, I hope is not against rouls, I make logo, banners for small price. Contact me or visit my site: Image Solutions
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    I use TK in many sites, also free hosting, but this x10 work with any problems, if you respect TOS!
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    Please review

    Nice, good luck!
  7. nocrisis110mb26

    WordPress thoughts

    All my site-s are in WP, easy to work with
  8. nocrisis110mb26

    Which Web Browser you like most?

    I use chrome, I think can do enyting
  9. nocrisis110mb26

    Anodised aluminium signs and labels

    Nice, I like
  10. nocrisis110mb26

    Dating site?

    Nobody have a free script? some diferent osdate or AzDGDating ?
  11. nocrisis110mb26

    Dating site?

    I tried osdate and AzDGDating, free script, but not so easy to work with them. I can"t install chat and I dont like dont apeare only site name but sitename/public_html/ see
  12. nocrisis110mb26

    Dating site?

    I like to try because the other site dont give me much money.
  13. nocrisis110mb26

    Dating site?

    Thanks, I now this, another one?
  14. nocrisis110mb26

    Dating site?

    Can somebody tell me where I find (for download) free script for Dating site?
  15. nocrisis110mb26

    Help with file manager

    If you installed allready WP, you can go in file manager and there you have all option.
  16. nocrisis110mb26

    Short Stories?

    Nice, I like"it!
  17. nocrisis110mb26

    Wordpress issue

    If you have domain from x10 must work, try to instal WP with softoculos (from Cpanel), see what hapened!
  18. nocrisis110mb26

    why BLACK laptop keyboard?

    I like also to be white key!8-) but is black
  19. nocrisis110mb26

    i am new,dont really understand stuff.

    Hi! you must sing in here everry month, first thing
  20. nocrisis110mb26

    [help]I have to do so.

    Some time is ok after few ours!