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  1. wethegreenpeople

    How's my website?

    There you go, copy and paste, and let me know what you think. MM
  2. wethegreenpeople

    What do you think?

    Please let me know what you think and if there's anything to improve or make suggestion. I am open to it. There's my link to my website.... Matthew
  3. wethegreenpeople

    My First Template/Skin, Dark.

    Not bad start.
  4. wethegreenpeople

    Some Of My Work

  5. wethegreenpeople

    tell me what you think

    Not a bad start. The style you are using is out of date and old-fashioned. Why not go for modern style? You can look up at wordpress, lots of tread and u can get ideas on how to improve There's example of my old brother's website ( , he's a private freelance Graphic...
  6. wethegreenpeople

    What do you want in a design?

    anyone good at wordpress design?