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  1. MIOW[RU]

    Interested in an old Q3 mod?

    Now you even don't need to have Q3 to play it. It actually became standalone game, completely free
  2. MIOW[RU]

    Suspension for high-usage?

    I mean i can't load Suspension page O.o But i've just checked and problems discussed in that thread exist too. Weird because a few hours ago all was ok.
  3. MIOW[RU]

    Suspension for high-usage?

    No, i have only very basic stuff on my board. Also i can't load Suspension page for unknown reason.
  4. MIOW[RU]

    Suspension for high-usage?

    Same here. My site is based on KMPortal and phpBB3, i think i have no chance to improve resource usage. Though hope it was by mistake.
  5. MIOW[RU]

    Post your specs

    17" LCD Monitor 2.8 GHz Celeron D 512 Mb DDR1 RAM nVidia 8600GT 256Mb DDR3 160 Gb HDD Zenwalk linux and Win2k SP4
  6. MIOW[RU]


    Yeah, i played on your OpenArena DM server some time ago, but i have too high ping there from Europe. But still was able to beat someone with /cg_delag 1 But since the version 0.8.1 of OA was released i don't see it via server browser
  7. MIOW[RU]

    Free Software Suggestions

    Software Category: OS Software Name: Zenwalk Short Description: Zenwalk is GNU/Linux operating system with expressed focus on being slim and fast by using only one application per task with focus on the graphical desktop and multimedia usage. Zenwalk features the latest Linux technology along...
  8. MIOW[RU]


    I'm a player of 6lue Rose clan. At the moment we play OpenArena, it's open source game based on Quake 3 engine. As q3, this game is also multiplatform, so most of our members play from linux. Our clan combined players from all over Europe. We're also going to start playing in some Quake 3...
  9. MIOW[RU]

    Changes to ad-free \ ad-enhanced

    Today i'm getting error 406 when trying to open my site cPanel works fine. IP-adress is changed there already