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  1. wizardcm92

    Internal Server Error

    Getting it on my main domain, sub domain and extra domains. Edit: Also getting this a lot: The page you are looking for is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later.
  2. wizardcm92

    'Error Establishing Database Connection' with SOME people?

    Now it's happening to me too! :(
  3. wizardcm92

    'Error Establishing Database Connection' with SOME people?

    It seems my blog gives this error for specific people, only. The blog loads fine for me, while for other people (and even for proxies) it gives me 'Error Establishing Database Connection.' Is there a reason for this? I was able to fix it for myself using 'Repair Database' in cPanel, but...
  4. wizardcm92

    Best Linux Distribution

    Mint Portable, best you can get.
  5. wizardcm92

    Attendance Sheet Re-Made (Keep This One Active)

    mattblog DeadBattery stardom techairlines mattblog lukoot icywind335 xav0989 techairlines mattblog lukoot mattblog lukoot conzone DeadBattery Mattblog DeadBattery MattBlog darzamora techairlines Mattblog DeadBattery lukoot Mattblog darzamora Mattblog lukoot DeadBattery shant93 Mattblog...
  6. wizardcm92

    Corrupt a Wish: Season 4

    Granted, but you only see pain and suffering. I wish my old site would go back up so I could transfer my blog posts over to my site hosted here.
  7. wizardcm92

    The Ctrl+V game Not my fault it was in my clipboard, but it's an awesome video! :)
  8. wizardcm92

    Count to 200

    I had 9 subjects last year. :)
  9. wizardcm92

    Hey Hey!

    I know, but I'd like to be active on yet another forum. :P Thanks :)
  10. wizardcm92

    Hey Hey!

    Hi guys! Spent the best part of an hour looking for a good host, because my current keeps going down. I've been into computers since I was 7 years old. I just hope I don't forget to visit the forums every couple of weeks. :)