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  1. mytestp3

    MySQL Management not working

    Another screenshot with the problem, this error is displayed from admin panel to try open phymyadmin
  2. mytestp3

    MySQL Management not working

    same problem, timeout to open phpmyadmin, too when I try to connect mysql server using other databases manager an error ocurried:
  3. mytestp3

    Please help 403 forbidden

    Is there any .htaccess file in the qualityexpressfood directory? Maybe that's what is causing the Forbiden error. ------------------------------- I deleted the .htaccess file and the problem was still Is there a index page in that subdirectory? A friend of mine had the same issue but after...
  4. mytestp3

    Connection Timeout: server taking too long to respond error

    I also have exactly the same problem, I log in and reach this interface without problems: But as soon as the cpanel button is pressed I now get this interface: Please help us, thanks.
  5. mytestp3

    Please help 403 forbidden

    I already solved the problem, change all permissions to 777 (at all) and it already works.
  6. mytestp3

    Please help 403 forbidden

    Hi: I see that my cPanel site has already been migrated to DirectAdmin, but now for a few days I have the error 403 forbidden, can you please help me? Thanks.
  7. mytestp3

    Server Down

    Free server is ok now, please retest
  8. mytestp3

    Server is OK

    After several hours down the free server works again, thanks very much, please retests all users .
  9. mytestp3

    Server Down

    Me too with this problem, support please help
  10. mytestp3

    Service Unavailable

    Hi! I attach a screenshot, my page show a error to load, 503 Service Unavailable error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. Please help, greetings.
  11. mytestp3

    Super, super, super slow the free hosting

    Today the free hosting is super slow, when I want show a page in my server this query but not progress and final show this message. Internal Server Error The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request. Please contact the server...
  12. mytestp3

    Successful Login

    Hey guys, the login system is working now, testing please.
  13. mytestp3

    Cannot login: An expected error has occurred processing your request 2

    same case, my website work fine, but the login section no work :(
  14. mytestp3

    Access log

    empty to download :(
  15. mytestp3

    Web Analytics and Statistics

    Interesting, I'll try it, thank you
  16. mytestp3

    ¿Que pasó con el foro español?

    a usar el traductor jejeje
  17. mytestp3

    Web Analytics and Statistics

    +1 , please implements statistics of access to any hosting under this platform, greetings.
  18. mytestp3

    Access log

    Hi! I have a free account in this server, is excelent, but I don't see a option to view the guest access activity, a log, could be implemented (if not exists already)?
  19. mytestp3

    You don't have permission to access

    fixed, I upload and download a zip big file - 9 mb (I programmer and made an update file and download this by ftp), then the hosting was locked by 12 hours, this work very good in this moment.