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  1. lambada

    Heyy, Err, not a lot really. Uni mainly. You?

    Heyy, Err, not a lot really. Uni mainly. You?
  2. lambada

    Just one question before I signup

    Should the text you enter in the hostname on the signup form field be a FQDN, or just the 'server name' (like stoli on your free accounts?). Ditto with the nameserver fields.
  3. lambada

    User Groups

    Hmm looks interesting. At least you've included rep in the ones with super-mod abilities. I do wonder how much abuse/spam this will generate though.
  4. lambada

    Knowledge Base Items

    How to move between different account types eg Ad-free -> Ad-enhanced (this one especially as,3 says to terminate and resign up; but you can't sign up for ad-enhanced any more!?!?) anything -> Paid etc
  5. lambada

    New VPS Service!

    Woooo Is there any minimum term contract? Or can you get out of the contract at any time?
  6. lambada


    I'm in awe. Awesome job people!
  7. lambada - review please Well it's designed to be a personal site featuring a blog, portfolio etc. Planned features User system (for frequent commenters') Comments instantly updated into database rather than queued Obviously you don't (currently ;) ) need to see the admin...
  8. lambada

    cPanel proxy

    Any chance of installing cPanel proxy - on the servers? It's basically a proxy that uses a subdomain eg to mask the 2082 port - useful if you're behind a firewall (as I am at college - which means I cant access my database through phpMyAdmin...
  9. lambada

    Any ideas for improving my site? I know it hasn't actually been updated in a while, but that's cause i'm working on the backend ;) Any ideas for improving the site? Features? Design etc. On the design / layout side : I know the footer isn't right, but i'm not sure why atm - help on...
  10. lambada

    Extent of classes?

    How much of the PHP processing do you recommend to put in classes? Do you use classes for everything, or just minimal parts like DB work? Or do you do something in between? I'm trying to switch to using calsses, but I think i'm going overboard with a class for everything - the route through...
  11. lambada

    Graphics Card problems! Help URGENTLY Needed!

    Well, seeing as I really don't think nVidia support are going to be much help.... despite my detailed opening support thread thing they only picked up on the screen flickering... the other problems (redraw and STOP error) haven't even been noted by the people giving me support there. I...
  12. lambada

    OOP vs Procedural PHP

    HI all, I'm looking to switch from the procedural PHP to Object Orientated PHP, but I'm at a loss as to any good tutorials on the basics. I've tried the PHP manual - but its foo bar code samples aren't exactly the clearest. BTW: OOP is the classes, whereas Procedural is what most tutorials...
  13. lambada

    What were your GCSE / A'level reuslts?

    Seeing as GCSE and A-level results have been recieved now (for the Americans they're exams taken at 16 and 18). What did everyone get? GCSE: A's English English Literature Science (Worth 2 GCSE's) Geography Citizenship (Worth Half a GCSE) Maths (From last year - taken early) B's ICT (Worth 2...
  14. lambada

    See my PC Screen... in realtime! Providing my PC is turned on, you can see what I can see. It's similar to streaming a webcam, but it streams your PC screen instead (incidentally this also has an option to stream audio and a webcam aswell, although I haven't actually got that to work yet...
  15. lambada

    Meat eaters / Vegetarians / Vegans. Why are you whichever you are?

    Hi, I'm currently interested in the is it right to eat meat etc philosophy type questions. As such I would like to know your views - not just which you are, but WHY you are what you are. Hence why there is no poll with this. I, personally am meat eater, as I feel that life is survival of the...
  16. lambada

    MySQLi extention?

    Looks like the mysqli extension isn't on the main free server. Any chance it could be? Many thanks lambada
  17. lambada

    PHP / MySQL error

    Little error in my PHP code I can't for the life of me figure out. Anyone out there know how to solve it?? Heres the error: Here's the code $db = mysqli_connect("localhost", "USER", "PASS", "DB") or die("Database Unavailable"); $query = "SELECT id, text, datetime, ipaddress, user FROM...
  18. lambada

    Need a Terms Of Service Written.

    Hi, As part of a new site i'm working on I need a Terms OF Service written to cover me rear end if something goes wrong. I need it to cover IP and date / time logging on any contributions made, if they register their e-mail address being stored and all their contributions being linked...
  19. lambada

    Copying files

    Hi, I wasn't sure where to post this I need to copy or move lots of files in many subdirectories into another folder, without keeping the directory structure. I.E. folder 1 |-sub folder one | |-file1.txt | |-file2.txt | |-subfolder two...
  20. lambada

    Rocky Horror Picture Show

    I'm going to se it at the theatre next week! It's gonna be brilliant, I love the film ,the stage can only be better!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D Anyone ever been to the stage one?