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  1. Sam-Ho

    Can you write blank or useless posts?

    The question is, why not post? The x10 Forums are quite active, and so I'm sure there's a thread somewhere that you can relate to. Unless you're too lazy to, or lack the time to, but then you could just cut some time from your porn quota and make a post somewhere.
  2. Sam-Ho

    game: kill the above user

    I kill alexandgruntz very carefully by a division by 0
  3. Sam-Ho

    gta sa Do enjoy :D
  4. Sam-Ho

    Need a good PC FPS.

    DooM, ftw. I grew up on that game :D I don't think anything can match the awesomeness of busting out the good old DooM in the middle of a LAN party, linking up, and wiping everything out.
  5. Sam-Ho

    I am losing it..

    Good luck with it. Being determined will more then allow you to hit your goal quickly, and remember that drinking a recovery drink, ex Gatorade, after working out has shown a higher % of muscle gain, lower % of need to go to a hospital due to workout-related problems, and, to my experience, a...
  6. Sam-Ho

    game: kill the above user

    I come back from the galaxy I was blown to with a huge ship, and crash the ship into the hill, killing alexandgruntz
  7. Sam-Ho

    game: kill the above user

    I sneak up behind Smith6612, plant a charge of C4 on his back, kick him off the cliff jenya was pushed off, and detonate the C4.
  8. Sam-Ho

    Anyone besides me think the service is great yet far to unreliable!

    I don't think any amount of speed reduction will make me leave x10. So far, everything is well for me, and even if I were to find another webhost, the forums here are more then enough to make me stay :D
  9. Sam-Ho

    Need a good PC FPS.

    Speaking of Free FPSes, I'd recommend Sauerbraten and Nexuiz, which are on the wiki list. One of the things that makes Sauer special is its realtime map editing, and through a certain type of multiplayer game, everyone can add their own touch to the map. It allows for very unique maps :D
  10. Sam-Ho

    !!!! The NEW Biggest thread !!!!

    Pizza, cookies, donuts, soda, and cup noodles. My gaming diet :D. As for IRC, I use XChat, and Pidgin to for standard chatting. Pretty awesome stuff :D
  11. Sam-Ho

    Best SNES moments!

    SNES doesn't have all the awesome games, unfortunately. My Dreamcast will be brought out for Capcom VS SNK, while the SNES will be brought out for the awesome Metroid memories :D. Too scared of it breaking on me to constantly play it though D: As spare parts for it aren't readily available...
  12. Sam-Ho

    Need a good PC FPS.

    Me being me, I'll recommend the older games, such as Deus Ex: Conspiracy. Its a fun game, quite a story to tell behind it. If you're a fan of 'horror' as some people called it, Doom 3 is a choice, with some nice multiplayer. All in all, if you just want a game to mow down other players without...
  13. Sam-Ho

    !!!! The NEW Biggest thread !!!!

    My IRC log folder has finally hit 21 MB in size! Also attempting to make an oblivion mod bringing Space Marine armor in :D As for youtube, I'll agree its better then current TV. No commercials, ftw.
  14. Sam-Ho

    Good Ps3 Games

    First one I'll mention, Metal Gear Solid 4. Its cutscenes are very long, as Kojima wants to fill in the blanks in this 'final' game, but gameplay makes up for it. Next up, Devil May Cry 4, an easy played Hack-and-Slash game. Not sure how many hours of playing you can get out before it gets...
  15. Sam-Ho


    Yo all, hope it turns out to be a great time here. I look forward to meeting, if thats the right word, the more active members of this community. See you all around.