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  1. Dazz

    Neobux turned into a Scam PTC Site!

    Buxever is pretty good, had a payout already, I'll edit it a bit and post the screen print of my paypal payment. Buxever Referral link Buxever Non Referral link EDIT - Forget Buxever, they have just changed their rules so now you have to invest in order to cash out :( Lucky I got there early...
  2. Dazz

    Neobux turned into a Scam PTC Site!

    According to their forum today they have dropped their standard ad rate to $0.001 for standard members! - If you want to get the old rates you have to buy Gold membership etc.... Sounds like they are moving into the Scam...
  3. Dazz


    Would I be allowed to link to custom firmware and homebrew apps for the PSP? I am intending putting a tutorial on my blog regarding downgrading the PSP and running homebrew applications on it, also how people can back up games THEY OWN (I don't agree with piracy in any way, shape or form) and...
  4. Dazz

    Website not working

    Hi Wonder if I could get some help. I messed about with my website yesterday by moving the addon domain and making it my main domain then installed wordpress but as yet whenever I try to access the website I get an error message -...
  5. Dazz

    Error establishing a database connection

    Awesome job, thanks Zubair :)
  6. Dazz

    Error establishing a database connection

    I am aware that there has been some work with MySQL on the Stoli server so have left this for a little while to see if it sorts itself out. However no joy so can someone take a look at it for me :) Cheers
  7. Dazz

    Console Collection (New + Retro)

    In my house there is currently - 3 PS1's all older PSX version 1 PS2 slimline (soft modded as a project, which is awesome) 1 Nintendo 64 1 Nintendo Wii 1 XBox 360 1 Nintendo DS 1 Nintendo DS Lite and a Game Boy Advanced lol Not a whole lot but I'm keeping my eyes open for another PS2 slimline...
  8. Dazz

    System Status missing from cPanel?

    I agree, I check the status before posting stupid questions. Now my website isn't working and I have no way of checking if one of the servers is down :(
  9. Dazz

    How to use my domain

    Then maybe an admin wants to remove the link from this post or is it ok to post links to adult content on the forums now?
  10. Dazz

    How to use my domain

    Erm I've just checked out this site and I believe that adult content is prohibited from X10's hosting service.....
  11. Dazz

    Bad Service.

    Ah I see. The only problem I've had was a 404 error when I uploaded my google apps file and named it .txt instead of .html by accident :biggrin: also didn't realise he was wanting to call .txt files, I thought it was only being used for testing the site.
  12. Dazz

    Game: Ban the Person above you!!!!!!!!!!!

    Banned because a ban limit is irrelevant when you are banned :)
  13. Dazz

    Bad Service.

    I agree. X10 is the best free hosting service anywhere and trust me I have checked to research my blog. This threads title is in really poor taste considering its YOU who has the problem not X10. Plus an easy way to sort this would have been to simply change the extension of test.txt to...
  14. Dazz

    Any issues with Stoli?

    Nah still not working for me at any rate lol. Can't even get to the login screen at the moment.
  15. Dazz

    Cannot Access My Cpanel Account

    Yeah there seems to be a problem with cPanel at the moment. Just relax, I'm sure the X10 staff have the problem in hand and will sort it out soon :)
  16. Dazz

    Guess Who Posts Next

    wrong its me instead I guess someone else :)
  17. Dazz

    Game: Ban the Person above you!!!!!!!!!!!

    banned for not getting it LOL
  18. Dazz

    Smash your head on the keyboard

    huyb j j banging because cPanel isn't working grrrrrr :(
  19. Dazz

    0.49p .info domains

    Hey just letting everybody know that 123-Reg is offering .info domains for 49p throughout December and they accept Paypal as payment (Total cost of about 0.57p inc VAT) Referral link - 123-Reg None Referral - 123-Reg Though I would greatly appreciate using my referral if you sign up for one :)
  20. Dazz

    Any issues with Stoli?

    Just wondering if anyone was aware of any issues with stoli? Cannot access it through cPanel at all, not even login. Checked the server alert forum but nothing mentioned.