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    Which x10 Theme?

    Yes, because Crossfire is reserved for topics that will provide more serious debate, like Which day do you prefer?, or What would your last meal be? :P Anyway, I liked the old one more, myself. It was more unique, and easier on the eyes. I felt it had a more natural flow too. But the new one is...
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    Good Joke

    The "limp dog" one was good. Unfortunately, though, I saw the ending coming for the Sherlock Holmes one, and I remembered the ending to the parrot one before I finished reading it. That was annoying :P Anyway, here's an old favorite: Back in the day, a newly wed couple take their horse buggy...
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    PHP help

    Modify that to hide your mysql username and password in the mysql_connect() call. I'll edit this soon to answer your question. Although a 500 error with php is unusual. I doubt the error is in your code. *** Well, aside from several typos and some other possible low-level issues, there's...
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    Releasing my file editor

    Hey, at least you didn't delete your post like a certain senior account manager...*cough*TechAsh*cough* :P And it was actually Parsa that revived this thread, by the way.
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    Good Joke

    lol Very observant of you. I actually didn't realize that. But it doesn't surprise me too much, I tend to like jokes that involve animals in some way :P
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    Releasing my file editor

    This thread is 3 years old, you know...
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    Unix Shell Password Check

    Do you understand what the topic here is(or was)? There's no php involved. Although I will say that php certainly provides more than one method of encryption. Furthermore, even if a password is encrypted, as long as the encryption algorithm is known, it is possible to compare passwords. This...
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    mysql and scripting

    Assuming you mean to use the scripting language to process the data and enter it in the mysql db, it shouldn't be too hard. What exactly is the data it would have to read? I'm assuming at least title and artist. Also, is the information in the file name, or in id3 tags?
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    I believe he was joking, personally. But I was merely going to tell him that his topic would...

    I believe he was joking, personally. But I was merely going to tell him that his topic would probably be closed or deleted so x10 could avoid liability in the slim chance he was serious. Although, as happens when I'm writing a post, I get distracted with other things. So it was closed by the...
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    Obama is president!!!

    I have to disagree with that. It was an issue from the start. It's been an issue since long before the 2008 elections. But it was a separate issue. It wasn't about Obama's policies, or how well he would do in office, or anything like that. And I don't think anyone -- except for maybe some Jerry...
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    Good Joke

    I got the Descartes joke, but I didn't find it all that funny. Maybe because I've heard variants of it on several occasions. Anyway, here's another. It might be a bit cliche, but I like it: A priest, a Pentecostal preacher and a Rabbi all served as chaplains to the students of the University...
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    Community has changed

    I assume you're referring to this topic: In that case, I can see why some people felt the design wasn't yours. The basic layout is somewhat common, as is the color scheme. I believe it is unique, but I believe it gives the...
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    Obama is president!!!

    Well, I don't take much interest in politics anymore since I think this country's government is completely FUBAR'd, save a miracle. I don't even bother voting at this point. Although I was in favor of McCain(but I knew he lost when he selected Palin). Regardless, I am at least glad that the...
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    Is that 10% of gross or net? Also, I can't really help with designing since I'm so left-brained that even my stick figures are of poor quality. But I can help out with any back-end work you might need done. I have more free time now, so I'm looking for things to keep busy with.
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    make ads load after the page is done loading

    If you're gonna be doing it in this pseudo-onload way(with the ads being at the bottom of the page, rather than having them created with the onload event), then you could try placing them in an invisible div at the bottom and use the onload event to just move them. Something like: In the <head>...
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    Good Joke

    Alright I got another: Sven and Ole are out deer-hunting. Suddenly a man runs out of the woods waving his arms and yelling: "I'm not a deer! I'm not a deer!" Sven shoots him dead. Ole says: "Why did you shoot him? He said he wasn't a deer!" To which Sven replies: "Oh! I thought he said he WAS a...
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    PHP Includes()

    include() is a construct, not a function. Its syntax is similar to echo or return -- parentheses aren't required.
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    PHP / MySQL SELECT problem

    The string must be enclosed in double-quotes for variables to be evaluated. So change it to: $content = @mysql_query("SELECT text FROM page_text WHERE id=\"$id\"");
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    shell_exec, how to make utf8????

    If it's the locale that's messing it up, then what TheMan suggested should fix it. But if that doesn't, there's a couple things I can think of. This might go without saying, but make sure that the output will be interpreted as UTF-8: header('Content-Type: text/html; charset=UTF-8'); If it's...
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    Good Joke

    I think I have heard that one before, but it's been a long time. Still gave me a good laugh. How about this one: There's this guy who wants to be a bell ringer, but he doesn't have any arms. The priest who is looking for a good bell ringer says, "You can't ring the bells. You don't have any...