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  1. hermanthebold

    www. directing to suspended page post suspension

    Hey, My account was recently suspended RE forum inactivity, and now after becoming unsuspended, my www. address i am using ( is still directing to the suspended account page. Is there any way I or someone else can fix this issue, or is it just me having the problem...
  2. hermanthebold

    Half life 1-2 + Futures

    It looks like they're going to be merging a bit of the Portal story with Episode 3. The general consensus I can tell from the gaming press is that Episode 3 is going to be the last of the HL2 episodes (this may well have actually been stated explicitly) and that there will be a Half Life 3...
  3. hermanthebold

    Useful local web server for testing PHP

    Hey all. I found this easy to set up local web server package yesterday. It's especially helpful for debugging PHP scripts before you upload them to your www. Don't forget about the limitations on your account in terms of PHP tho, as the local web server will/should let you do everything whereas...