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  1. Kurther Reich

    Payed Plans!?!

    Hello. I have heard about payed plans on this site, and have been with host for a while now. I just have never seen payed plans, are there any? Thanks, sorry if this has been asked, I have checked but could not find any post relating. Thanks! -Reich
  2. Kurther Reich

    Worst game you've ever played?

    We've all waisted our time trying to beat a certain game, even though it's horrible, just because we payed the money for it. So, which is it? For me there are many, I'd have to say septera core, or Stryder, both terribly bad, and there was always that toad adventure game I had for sega... -Reich
  3. Kurther Reich

    Using copyrighted music in home movies.

    My friend and I are making movies for our website on x10hosting. I like to use copyrighted music in movies we make, but some people have told me that only a 30-second clip of a copyrighted song is legal to use in any form. Do you guys know if the 30-second rule applies when the songs are being...
  4. Kurther Reich

    Newb question: How do I make a website template?

    I'm new to web development so I can't do much, but I would like to make a template for my website. The problem is I don't know how to make a template. I originally thought I could just stick in a big background image, but that doesn't work well. So can someone please tell me where to start in...
  5. Kurther Reich

    Whats your favorite bands?

    So, whats your favorite bands? I have a very wide variety of music tastes, but my favorite bands are The White Stripes, Led Zeppelin, Kaiser Chiefs, AC/DC, Van Halen, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Blue Oyster Cult, The beatles, and some others. -Reich
  6. Kurther Reich

    What was the first system you owned?

    We all remember getting our first system, but what was it? Mine was a game gear :happy:, clunky, and great! Heres a pic . I bought it right before going on vacation, and had a simpsons game as well as sonic :). What was your first system? -Reich
  7. Kurther Reich

    Sig request

    Hello, I was wondering if someone would be able to make me a logo for my site, heres the specs: What: Logo Size: width: 240px, length: 132px Image: be creative, no objects as in a house, but something more along the line of a shape, like an abstract shape... be creative. Theme Color: north...
  8. Kurther Reich

    belated introdution

    Y'know, I just realized I never introduced my self, and I've been here for a couple weeks... sorry about that! Well I'm reich, and my best friend Kurther and I have made a website of movies we've made... So...hey! -Reich
  9. Kurther Reich

    A pic I made

    Here ya go, tell me whatcha think! -Reich
  10. Kurther Reich

    How many systems do you have?

    So... How many systems do you have? I have 7 (Gamecube, PS2, PS, Gameboy, Game Gear, Sega Genesis, and N64)... -Reich
  11. Kurther Reich

    What virus protection program(s) do you use?

    I use a ton, I have: (1) Registry Mechanic (great!) (2) Spyware Doctor (great!) (3) Microsoft Antispyware (good autoprotect) (4) Spy Bot Search & Destroy (uhhh...) (5) Norton Antivirus (It's okay) (6) Ad-aware (not that good at all :blink:) wel there ya go! Thats what I use, and my...
  12. Kurther Reich

    Funny Jokes

    There is a comedian who I thought was very funny, he died recently:sad:, but he was hilarious, his name was mitch hedburg. Here's some of his jokes: I hate turtlenecks. I have such a weak neck. Plus if you wear a turtleneck it's like being strangled by a really weak guy ... all day. And if...
  13. Kurther Reich

    more topics

    I was wondering if x10 would be intrested in putting more topics in the forum, for instance, a jokes forum, or even a sports, movie/tv talk forum. Just some other things to have more variety:homestar:. Oh, and a critique thing, where people can put up their site, sigs, and other things for...