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  1. unpixelatedgamers

    new xobx 360

    No, I can assure you its quite real.
  2. unpixelatedgamers

    Newsletter or eMagazine?

    An emagazine will certainly be more work, but it'll also be more useful. As long as you keep archives as well :biggrin:
  3. unpixelatedgamers

    New Site Update

    I'm not quite sure where bug reports are supposed to go, but the password box on the main site displays in plain text in IE7 on Win Vista. Its fine in FF.
  4. unpixelatedgamers

    New Site Builder

    Sweet idea. Should help people get their sites up and running a bit quicker. Though I hope it doesn't result in a deluge of cheaply made sites.
  5. unpixelatedgamers

    xbox 360 update

    I guess that makes sense. Get the brand identity a bit more consistent across devices. Thanks for the pics.
  6. unpixelatedgamers

    xbox 360 update

    I haven't had chance to d/l it yet. But will when i get back home in a couple of weeks. BTW, for those who already know; how is the new guide? Thats far more important than the dash itself imo. The dash is just a flashy front really, the only use for it is to check the market place or change...
  7. unpixelatedgamers

    360 vs. ps3

    Mirror's Edge was completely developed by DICE. Little to no involvement from EA except from money. EA are still a terrible publisher.
  8. unpixelatedgamers

    Which was last game?

    Last played: Audiosurf Last beat: Mercenaries 2 Its been a slow couple of months for my game-playing :frown:
  9. unpixelatedgamers

    McCAIN Vs. Obama

    I think I'd personally prefer Obama to win. Black president of the US would be interesting. Plus a change of party is needed I think. But hey, I'm not a USA citizen, so I can't actually influence it either way.
  10. unpixelatedgamers

    Best Current Gen. Console?

    Considering your name is "wii legend" I'm can't say I'm surprised. :biggrin: Well its not really fair to single out the Xbox 360 on that. What ALL games consoles are is dumbed down PCs. Specialised, stripped out chips, non-upgradeable, often with no OS of its own (the last gen is a little bit...
  11. unpixelatedgamers

    Best Current Gen. Console?

    Says who? A handful of people at best. It was released in the same time frame, is a current seller for one of the big 3 console manufacturers, and actually, has (to-date) outsold both the PS3 and the 360. Thats a big load of elitism you've got there. I always find your name so ironic :biggrin...
  12. unpixelatedgamers

    Show off your online gaming profiles.

    My XBL Gamercard: I love these things. Really easy to embed.
  13. unpixelatedgamers

    Best Current Gen. Console?

    Respectfully, I disagree. [B] Outperform? In theory, yes, the CPU inside the PS3 (the Cell) is more powerful than that in the 360 and certainly the Wii. However, the graphics card (the RSX) despite what Sony would have you believe, is not as powerful, or as advanced, as the 360s Zenos. This...
  14. unpixelatedgamers

    At what age did you first get a website?

    I made a website within about 3 months of getting a Computer at home. It was only a crappy site at *Site Reference removed*. And probably doesn't exist any more (thank god!). That was 5 years ago. So, when I was 13. Edit Reason: Advertising Hosting company
  15. unpixelatedgamers

    Overall Updates

  16. unpixelatedgamers

    Inactive members

    The thing is, you never want all your members to post regularly. X10 has over 100,000 members right? even if they each only made 1 post every week, thats still an average of 15,000 posts a day. Do you, I or any of the moderators really want to wade through all of that to find the useful /...
  17. unpixelatedgamers

    Xbox - ??? 2010

    Do you honestly think the MS hardware department are just going to sit on their hands for 5 years, then cobble together a new console in a year? Of course they won't. As soon as they released the 360, they started thinking about what they would do for the next one. R&D takes ages.
  18. unpixelatedgamers

    Cannot access cpane and other account errors

    cpanel username: rcmaster Domain: Package: Advanced Length of stay: This hosting account only a week. Others for over 2 years. When I got my confirmation email of my account being created 4 days ago, I couldn't initially log in. It kept rejecting my password, even though I...
  19. unpixelatedgamers

    My Forum Account Linked to Somone else's Hosting account?

    Short story: My forum account (unpixelatedgamers) is linked to someone else's hosting account ( Therefore, I actually have control over that account. I want them unlinked. I want to re-register a new account for myself. Long Story: Ok, heres the deal: I creating a hosting...
  20. unpixelatedgamers

    My Account has GONE!?

    Sub-domain: Cpanel username: rc Package: Advanced (ad-enhanced) Account Since: September 2007 (I had another account previously since late 2005) Suspension reason: Unknown. Possibly inactivity although that seems unlikely. (explained below) Problem: My account has dissappeared...