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  1. Livewire

    requesting unsuspension

    Hello! It looks like there were some odd files uploaded to the /home/zqpovmhr/domains/ directory; it's not clear to me if these were compromises or if they were just copies of webpages from other sites, but one of them in this folder triggered...
  2. Livewire

    requesting unsuspension

    Can you confirm the intended purpose of your website? We're seeing a variety of software installed and would need additional information to review this further.
  3. Livewire

    requesting unsuspension

    This account was suspended per a report received at our datacenter that required an immediate response and resolution. We do apologize, however the nature of said report prevents unsuspension for any reason.
  4. Livewire

    Resolved My site is gone

    It looks like malware was uploaded into your WordPress install; the files in question were sent to wp-includes/Requests, but there's also malware in the wp-contnt folder (note the missing "e"). To help with this the malware's already been removed, but once the suspension finishes lifting you'll...
  5. Livewire

    Unable to upload files to website

    I'm seeing two issues; the first is the page is called Project02.html (missing 0 in your link), but also that we're running Linux rather than Windows. Linux is CaSe SeNsItIvE, so the capital-P is required - project02/project02.html will fail, but project02/Project02.html will succeed :)
  6. Livewire

    Account Suspended

    Upon reviewing this further, your IPB install is nulled, and is why the account was permanently disabled. We will be unable to remove the suspension as a result.
  7. Livewire

    IPS 4.3.5 Error

    We are aware of issues involving nulled versions of the software not always functioning correctly on our services; unfortunately since said nulled versions of the software violate our Terms of Service, we are unable to provide support for them, and would recommend reaching out to Invision to get...
  8. Livewire

    Going to my domain does not land on index.html

    When testing this via, it still reports a Meta-Refresh redirect is occurring. I'm also still seeing the meta refresh line in the index.html currently in your public_html; there's more code above it now, but the meta tag is still there as of this moment.
  9. Livewire

    Going to my domain does not land on index.html

    Your index.html contains the following line: <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; url=Pages/Hem.html" /> That line tells the browser to refresh and load a new URL as soon as the index.html loads. Remove it and the redirect should stop, although you may have to clear your cache first.
  10. Livewire

    Account Suspended error on lifting suspension

    The XenForo you installed is very clearly tagged by a warez release group; feel free to dispute any payments you made as you have 100% received stolen software, and are not eligible for unsuspension as a result.
  11. Livewire

    Automatic Account Unsuspension Not Working

    Problem likely caused by using stolen software. Do not hijack someone else's thread in the future either.
  12. Livewire

    Site not showing Nothing

    We unfortunately have little to do with Softaculous as far as the auto-installers go; we can disable/enable scripts, but its their installers and we aren't able to modify the installers themselves. We don't personally guarantee that every script they offer will function; when in doubt, download...
  13. Livewire

    btw, thanks for asking me to login twice

    Alternatively, you could provide more details about exactly where you were required to login twice so we could try to help you. Bear in mind if you're on a mobile network, it's not uncommon for your IP to change, which will require you login again because of how cPanel's security systems are...
  14. Livewire

    Country no longer supported?

    I've attempted to push an update through that should fix this; can you try it again and see if it still returns an error?
  15. Livewire

    file keeps getting removed

    "File Storage Hosting accounts may not be used to store backups, personal files, or non-web accessible files. Any files hosted on the account must be directly related to the website the account is intended for. Files over 10MB in size will be automatically removed from non-upgraded accounts."...
  16. Livewire

    can multiple apps use same MySQL databas?

    I'm not sure on if Softaculous supports it or not but I know hand-installed ones can. The only "gotcha" is to make sure the app supports Table Prefixes - most software should, but it ensures that every table that app uses is prefixed by something, such as wp_ for WordPress. This makes sure...
  17. Livewire

    Resource Limit Reached despite stating unlimited bandwidth and storage!!

    Since OP is no longer hosted with us, I am closing this ticket.
  18. Livewire

    HTTP: ERROR 500

    At a guess, I'd blame one of the multiple Wordpress plugins installed to the account. I checked a few things including fixing an invalid permission-set on your public_html (it was set to 777 rather than 750) and renaming your .htaccess; neither fixed it, however renaming your index.php to...
  19. Livewire

    Installing Mautic (Marketing Automation)

    Forums should be fine :)
  20. Livewire

    Installing Mautic (Marketing Automation)

    From reading about it a bit, this would likely fall afoul of both the Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy; the latter for sending bulk commercial email without permission (which we don't give for free hosting), the former for long-running unattended scripts/bots.