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  1. TooSiKWiTIt

    About IBstore

    Ok...I have IBstore installed on a can normal members (not only admins) view the purchase history page? I tried but i cant seem to find it. Anyone help *********
  2. TooSiKWiTIt

    Awards Template

    I'm looking for a decent awards template for a Underground DVD awards website I was hired to create. I need one that is good and free. I will give all my points to those who can create or find me a decent template that does not contain copyright. If anyone has mambo template like this...
  3. TooSiKWiTIt

    Need comments

    Here are two new sigs i made (the characters in the sigs are from two different games and from two different sites) please note i did not add much effects to the text..because i was too lazy to. lol. 1. War (image from ) 2. The Renaissance (Image and theme from Rakion...
  4. TooSiKWiTIt

    Need Help

    can someone help me with my ipb what is wrong, if someone could help me, i can donate my points to them. HELP plz
  5. TooSiKWiTIt

    Gaming Template

    here is a gaming template i made if someone can help me, i cant seem to align the navigation bar with the content table. can someone spot my problem. i looked over it many times but still cant figure it out. also i am looking for a...
  6. TooSiKWiTIt

    FREE [real] DOMAINS

    although this doesnt belong in this section this is very useful for webmasters (who chil here) i found out about this site from my friend who run his own hosting company <---that site gives away free dns domains they work like a real domain (.com/.org/.net/etc.) i...
  7. TooSiKWiTIt

    New Template

    I just finished making a new template for my friend. Please comment on it and tell me how i can improve it at the moment i place no text on the banner, but it should be on the top image link: thank you (ps - the template is not affiliated with college bound...
  8. TooSiKWiTIt

    need new template

    hey i am working along with a friend to create sites... i was assigned to work on a site for this art and writing program called 7ARTS can anyone help me find a good template for the site thank you currently i am broke. but i will pay what ever i have
  9. TooSiKWiTIt

    Advertise for free

    hey does anyone want their link on my sig for FREE...if so post here
  10. TooSiKWiTIt

    Hi everyone

    hi toosikwitit get it too•sik•wit•it