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  1. xmakina

    Anyone like Pokemon anymore?

    It was a great idea but after that many sequels surely they should vary things a little? Play red for 5 minutes and play platinum for 5 minutes. The game is essentially the same thing with different names and pictures.
  2. xmakina

    Automatic Word Linking Like 'Wikipedia'

    If it's an option, using PHP would be much better. Use the replace function against the words and it'll replace the first instance of a word.
  3. xmakina

    Show PHP Errors

    I've done a bit of searching and the web-standard fix oferror_reporting(E_ALL); ini_set('display_errors', '1');does not work on x10. I appreciate what you were trying to do, but when I'm developing a new PHP page, I could really do without having to refresh my Error Log every time. Is there a...
  4. xmakina

    Need help with login...

    I'm sorry, but that's the most awful idea I've ever heard. There's enough security problems with people leaving username/password on a note on their desk. Putting this information on your website is begging for people to break in.
  5. xmakina

    page not loading

    It may be the server is down - my own site has stopped working as well
  6. xmakina

    More Updates!

    I like the new skin. I always found the old font a little too small and the contrast a little tough on the eyes. Funky new logo, too :D
  7. xmakina

    PHP/MySQL Programming

    I think this belongs in the marketplace...
  8. xmakina

    MySql Connection String

    The other option is to have a PHP file on the server that simply executes $_GET['comm'] and pass the GET parameter (that is the stuff after *.php?) and use your VB app to open that page with a webbrowser object.
  9. xmakina

    I need ideas! And Help!

    A forum. The biggest problem with sites like your own is most people take one look, think "scam" and leave. If you have a community, proving the system works and how to be good at it, people are much much more likely to stick around.
  10. xmakina

    Calendar Links

    There is. Use PHP with a For or Do loop and just run from 1st to last day of the month.
  11. xmakina

    How about my site?

    Very dark colour scheme for a site about love. White on black is more noir than loving. Also, it seems to be pulling size from the monitor resolution, not window size, so I end up with a lot of left and right scrolling because I use my browser in window rather than maximised. Only other...
  12. xmakina


    It's a review, kiddo. The fact is your website is just a phpBB forum. There's no technical skill involved in setting one up so I'm not reviewing your site for tecnical ability. The theme isn't yours so I'm not reviewing it for graphics or layout. There's no content other than the forum, which...
  13. xmakina

    php classes????????? There's some very useful comments after the main article, especially this one
  14. xmakina


    It's a forum. Well done, you can click buttons. 0/10
  15. xmakina

    Review My Blog

    Your contact page is awful. Very light grey on white! Ew.
  16. xmakina

    Review please

    Marquees are very poor. Static text will do nicely. On your second layout, your menu causes the whole page to drop down. Your photo is a large file that you are resizing using the <img> tags. Resize the photo in paint or photoshop instead. Interesting you've used a clear image to block the...
  17. xmakina

    New site and layout

    Much better. Clean, modern and eye catching :)
  18. xmakina

    PHP - Help With Friends System

    It's not so much that it *DOES* match 1 to 11, 111, 1111 and so on as it *MIGHT*. Sure in MySQL it doesn't because it uses wildcards and symbols (e.g. LIKE '1*'), but who knows what variations of SQL will come along. One might think the use of LIKE means *STRING* and therefore 1 will match 1...
  19. xmakina


    There's nothing to review at the minute. You've just installed joomla and posted two bits of news. Make your own theme, add a lot more news and content, then come back for a review.
  20. xmakina Please rate

    There's nothing to review. No content, no custom layout, nothing. Ask again when you actually have a site up.