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  1. DylanJCraver

    Disabling TurckMMCache

    vBulliten makes me disable it. How would someone like myself go about doing this?
  2. DylanJCraver

    vB Installation Problems

    I'm not positively (sp?) sure about this but I think this has to do with the host. Database error in vBulletin : Invalid SQL: SELECT userid, username FROM user WHERE userid =; MySQL Error : You have an error in your SQL syntax. Check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version...
  3. DylanJCraver

    Blog Question.

    Ok, I read somewhere that I can only host my blog, but the site is equally owned and shared between 2 people, so can we each host each of our blogs? Thanks, -Peter Frampton
  4. DylanJCraver

    iPod/Linux Help

    I installed the most recent iPod Linux kernel and I can not get the original Apple firmware to load. I believe it is because I need the older firmware. Does anyone know where to get the old Apple firmware? Also, I can't get the orginal iPod firmware to boot, so I can't restore it. I know this...
  5. DylanJCraver


    Hey, I'm the Dylan Craver. I forgot to say Hi. I'm just wait'n for my hosting to be accepted, and I noticed this is a pretty neat community. Yeah, I got a forum, site and I like to make pictures and movies on the computer... So yeah. Holla. F'Sho.