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  1. wolley

    Please critique my website

    Hey there. You've got some nice photographs and I like the TTG logo as well. Here are some things you could do to make your site even better: 1. Get rid of the frames. Like kidas mentioned, it's bad for SEO. I'm not sure if it's my screen that's too small, but the frames are also making a...
  2. wolley

    Why not give it a glance

    I like your template. It's simple and clean. The text looks a little tiny though.
  3. wolley

    The Sims 3!

    Sims 3 is great. Much less laggy than Sims 2 and I love how you don't have loading screens anymore. I played for weeks after it came out but haven't got the time to play these days. Maybe I'll get back to it when the World Adventures expansion pack comes out heh
  4. wolley

    Microsoft's free web design ebook

    very useful, thanks :D