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  1. Dra_chan

    Going on an overseas trip. Can you help me with traveling list?

    Ok. As a woman I can help! Teeth brush and toothpaste Deodorant comb or brush shampoo soap towel razor (if you use it) sunglasses hat clothes lots of underwear and socks are important swimmingwear comfortable shoes Camera/videocamera Money/debit cad like it was said Mosquito repeler
  2. Dra_chan

    How to store images in a MySQL database

    That's pretty useful. I hope you get bored more often!
  3. Dra_chan

    What's your favourite RPG?

    I have many favorite RPG's. -The Final Fantasy series, I even loved 12. -The Shadow Hearts Series -The Persona series -Chrono Trigger/Crono Cross -Xenogears/Xenosaga -Dragon Quest 8 -Star Ocean 3 -The Suikodens -The Hacks Now I realize the list could go on forever, rpgs are the best games.
  4. Dra_chan

    the new x10

    I like it!
  5. Dra_chan

    Text speech is annoying and rude

    The people that uses this kind of speech the most are american kids. Really, you CAN tell the difference between someone who isn't good at english and someone doing it on purpos. Somebody not good at english would go somewhat like this: "hi I happy meeting you, anyone can help with web page...
  6. Dra_chan

    Why x10 sucks...

    I'm kind of new in this whole web-building thing, but the free services in other hosts really suck! And they tend to put their adds in the most annoying places.
  7. Dra_chan

    Game: Ban the Person above you!!!!!!!!!!!

    I ban smith for not having an avatar!
  8. Dra_chan

    De los nervios...

    Solo recuerda mostrar seguridad en ti mismo y todo te saldrá bien :)
  9. Dra_chan

    Your Web Designing Applications

    Html beauty and GIMP
  10. Dra_chan


    I prefer Facebook
  11. Dra_chan

    I'm glad I found this site

    Hello! Nice to meet you all. My name is Indra and I'm a pixel artist. I was looking for a free host to upload my personal art site and found this place (somebody was saying wonders about t in another forum). Even if I haven't started to use my account (seems like I have to wait some days), I...