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  1. eggo9432

    Reviw my site plz.

    The is very nice and has a clean design. Good work!
  2. eggo9432

    My website

    The site works, but it seems to load rather slowly for being so simple, so try to make your code a bit more efficient, and minimize image sizes. For example, this image can be resized to save space: I would also suggest making the site more visually...
  3. eggo9432

    Please review my SEO and Web Design website

    The site is nice and looks very appealing. However, I don't know how many times I have to say this, but never forget to like your own facebook pages. No on ever wants to be the first person to like a page, so you need to initiate the liking process by being the first one. Overall, good job.
  4. eggo9432

    Review: (Free Graphic Tutorials, Plugins & More)

    The site looks very nice and popular too. I would suggest uploading a new logo, however. The one that you currently have seems to be pixelated and also looks to be cut off along the top. Other than that, great work and keep it up!
  5. eggo9432

    Ask Answers

    The site is extremely visually appealing, which is very important. It also functions quite well too. I would suggest adding images lazy load to your site, however, as the many images slightly reduce load time, which is very crucial in a successful site. Good work so far. Also, if you have...
  6. eggo9432

    hey guys what you think about my blog

    The site is very nice. My only concern would be that there are one-too-many ads on the home page.
  7. eggo9432

    Attendance Sheet Re-Made (Keep This One Active)

    mattblog DeadBattery stardom techairlines mattblog lukoot icywind335 xav0989 techairlines mattblog lukoot mattblog lukoot conzone DeadBattery Mattblog DeadBattery MattBlog darzamora techairlines Mattblog DeadBattery lukoot Mattblog darzamora Mattblog lukoot DeadBattery shant93 Mattblog...
  8. eggo9432

    Work in progress

    This this is awesome, although after five minutes I can not figure out how to get it to work or even do anything for that matter. I noticed one bug however, that you may want to fix. If you press the "button" then nothing happens, but if you press "enter" in the input field then it submits a...
  9. eggo9432

    Review my Site - SoftSandwich

    Thank you very much for the kind words and for checking out my site. I would be very interested in a collaboration, what did you have in mind? I have a part of my site designed for affiliates; I could list your site there.
  10. eggo9432

    Review my Site - SoftSandwich

    I say this quite a bit, but make sure to like your own facebook page, as it has no likes. As for the site, it's hard to tell what it is from the home page, so in the extra space next to the logo write "an awesome place to discover cool facts" or something like that to give the user a tase of...
  11. eggo9432

    Please review Spiffysocialbookmarks - New social bookmarking website

    The site looks nice, but don't forget to vertically center the search bar as it is floating at the top of its container div, which it should not be.
  12. eggo9432

    Review my forum

    Your forum just uses the default php bb layout, so it's hard to give it an honest review. I suggest that you change your layout and color scheme.
  13. eggo9432

    Texagram!! Review it, comment, get it?

    The site is designed very well. I would like to point out a few things however. The social network buttons at the bottom of the page link to "#," so you need to add those links. Also, for the buttons at the top of the page, "Home, Services," and so on, make sure to use css hover effects. I...
  14. eggo9432

    Limited Conceptions Studios -- Artist Gallery(Public Portfolio?)Site

    The site hurts my eyes a bit. I would work on making the top banner image more sharp so that it is less blurry and more easy to read. You also seem to have a lot of 404 errors, probably because you just started your site and have yet to complete it. I would try adding a few differnt colors to...
  15. eggo9432 - Image sharing service

    The site is nice but you really need to fix the registration system. Firstly, I would not include facebook integration for registration. Secondly, after a user is registered, bring them to a page that says that they have been sent a verification email, that would be very helpful. Also, I...
  16. eggo9432

    Internet marketing Tips Review from

    "Site is offline for maintenance."
  17. eggo9432

    What is wrong with Afribook

    The site is too large for mobile devices. Set all of the widths of the div to 100% so that the page can be optimized for every phone.
  18. eggo9432

    Got my site updated and my game. :)

    For you site design, make sure to add padding so that the text is not directly up against the side of the container divs. 2 or 3 px of padding should do the trick.
  19. eggo9432

    Please Review My Site

    You added a lot of nice css and images to phpacademy's image upload system. Good work! The site looks great and it seems that you have already built up quite a few social networking followers, awesome.