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  1. anthony-mcgowan52

    What is your favourite FTP Program?

    Sorry to rain on the parade but filezilla, whilst fine for a free prog and undoubtedly useful for quick uploads is not in the same league as CuteFTP Pro. Far more powerful. But you have to buy it.
  2. anthony-mcgowan52

    php ? include require

    The main difference is that require(); will produce a fatal error if an error occurs and halt the script so there is no further output, whereas include(); will produce a warning and then carry on with the rest of the script. You would therefore use require(); (or require_once) if you want to...
  3. anthony-mcgowan52

    Changing name server for an existing domain

    Hi, I have a domain already registered with the dns pointing to a different host. I have now registered it at 10Hosting successfully but cant find the name servers in order to have it resolve here, hence my account \'\' is still resolving at the other...