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  1. datababe

    Account deletion request

    Account Deletion Request - Please delete my free hosting account. cPanel username: datababe (X) Inserting an X inside the parentheses signifies that I have made all necessary backups of my free hosting account and will not hold x10Hosting responsible for any data I am unable to recover after...
  2. datababe

    Whoa - my website has disappeared!!!

    WOW, Boss, thanks for such a fast reply. I'll cool my jets and go do some chores. ;-) *looks out window* Like shoveling out the driveway. AGAIN!
  3. datababe

    Whoa - my website has disappeared!!! I'm getting "Domain Available!" HELP - I *know* I've been logging into the forums faithfully. :-( My website is on Chopin, but I don't think I'd be getting a "Domain Available" message if the server was down. I can log into the forums (obviously ;-)), but...
  4. datababe

    Free Accounts Upgraded

    And he gave just an answer is all. Didja get up on the wrong side of the mousepad or something...? Yeesh. *I* found it helpful at any rate, as I'd forgotten about Thanks whizzy. :)
  5. datababe

    hy, Im new here.. but why I got suspended?

    Well, then too for the princely sum of $3 you can turn off the account timer for a whole year. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me. :cool:
  6. datababe

    Top 5 Sites You Visit?

    1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Kinda hard to pick just five; for about a half hour every morning I'm seriously attention deficient and all OVER the...
  7. datababe

    Mac or PC

    I think it depends on what you need/want to do. Each platform has some unique strengths (and weaknesses). The only "switching" pain for me came from OS9 and the dearth of cross compatible apps at the time, but OSX and open source expansion pretty much put an end to that. I really haven't come...
  8. datababe

    Free Software Suggestions

    Pretty sure I didn't see this one listed: Software Category: CD burning Software Name: SimplyBurns Short Description: SimplyBurns is a Mac OS X application with a GUI, which allows the user to burn CD / DVD media. SimplyBurns requires at least Mac OS X 10.4.x aka "Tiger", 10.5.x aka...
  9. datababe

    Post your specs

    Oldest or newest...? I have a mismash, I'm posting this from a refurbed Mac Cube: PPC G4 1 GHz 1.25 GB RAM 120 GB ATA HD nVidia GeForce3 graphcis w/64 MB VRAM (no, I do not play WoW on this thing ;-)) Apple Studio Display 15" viewable 1024 x 768 res DVD/CD ROM It does what I need...
  10. datababe

    Battle of the Browsers

    So remove all shortcuts to IE from view, install the browser of YOUR choice and make it the default, and have done with it. I honestly forget that somewhere, buried on my Windoze boxen, IE even still exists. ;)
  11. datababe

    Do you believe in God?

    This has fascinated me for a while, and all the more recently as I'd like to know just how the HECK the Mayans knew than Nancy Pelosi and Sarah Palin would go head to head for the US Presidency. (sorry, couldn't resist...and my sincerest apologies to anyone for whom my warped imagination now...
  12. datababe

    Do you believe in God?

    Hmmm...I have, and from time to time I think I might number among those who believe as nightbandit describes. ;-) I really don't think faith and evidence have to be mutually exclusive. For example, seems to me evolution can be an argument *for* some sort of intelligent design: look at these...
  13. datababe

    What is the Best AntiVirus?

    CA for paid, and Avira a close 2nd; I finally opted for the paid version of it on my "clunker" Thinkpad. I've had AVG free on my "spare" laptop and been pleased so far. I also have Winpatrol on all my Windows boxen, which often doesn't leave my AV programs much to do. It's not an AV per se...
  14. datababe

    Okay, I think it's improving. ;-)

    That's just the kind of feedback I am looking for, and thank you for the links. The site's more of a sandbox for me to work on html, and a place to put up links for some of my friends. If someone along the line picks up a bit of useful information, that's icing on the cake. Actually looking...
  15. datababe

    Okay, I think it's improving. ;-)

    Greetings from a Geocities refugee! It's not as bad it sounds, honest. Obviously, any advice is welcome (well, other than "TAKE IT DOWN, NOW!!11"). Glad to be here! :biggrin:
  16. datababe


    So you don't get your web account suspended for not logging into the forums at least once every 2 weeks...? ;)
  17. datababe


    Any games in particular? I'm a long time Runescaper myself. 'bout the only other games I play on my computers are solitaire and backgammon. ;) - Datababe
  18. datababe


    Hey all, another Geocities refugee here. Figured I'd stake out a new homestead before the old one gets burned down (bonus points to anyone who catches the "homestead" reference, and boy did I just date myself...). I've been researching different free hosting options and this one...