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  1. eezeee

    Unable to login

    Thank you so much
  2. eezeee

    Unable to login

    Hello friendsi am unable to login and getting this message "Error code E09D5C888B0AF6EC3. Please go to the support forum for assistance." Can anyone help? Thanks
  3. eezeee

    Unable to login

    Hello Eric, I am also getting the same error. Cannot login. Could you help me please? Thanks
  4. eezeee

    Service Unavailable

    I am having the same issue since last 4 days. Page not opening through I do get thru to cPanel. Its frustrating to lose all my work with no one to turn to.
  5. eezeee

    My site is not opening

    I am not able to get to my site Can anyone help? The message is site cannot be reached and Error 503
  6. eezeee

    x10hosting 2017 at No.3

    I have tried them all and X10 is the best.... Been using for over a decade now, with some issues at times but on the whole, it's an amazing service miles ahead of the pack.
  7. eezeee

    Restoring site to new hosting service

    Thank you so much for your advice. Yes, as of now i started afresh .....The thing is when i asked the previous host to send me files they sent me a zipped file which i though should be having the backups (including database) but i cannot make it out. Anyway, one cant hold on to things endlessly...
  8. eezeee

    Restoring site to new hosting service

    Hi, Thanks for the reply. The file is zipped and contains three main ie log, public html and a file called "do not upload" The public html contains all the wordpress files. I TRIED replacing these in the public html folder by ftp transfer but i get error, cannot connect to database. The hos did...
  9. eezeee

    Restoring site to new hosting service

    My based website was abruptly closed though I have the backup the the hosting service sent to me. I do not know how to intall it (its tar.gz file) can someone give me easy instructions? Thanks
  10. eezeee

    My backups

    My site has stopped working due to some security issue that I am unable to resolve as I have limited knowledge. The website was hosted on wordpress Is it possible that the backup file may be sent to me in my registered mail ?? Or easy stepwise instructions how to back up. Thanks
  11. eezeee

    Missing wordpress database after server change

    Dear Sir, My files apparantly had some virus and that led to suspention. I got the site unsuspended but have no clue how to restore. Is there any way admin can help? Regards
  12. eezeee

    account suspention due to malware

    My site was suspended due to suspected malware in wordpress index.php file and for restoring i conceeded to delete the malware files i was asked to reload from authentic wordpress site. I do not know how to restore. Can I use softaculous to reload wordpress? If so how to...
  13. eezeee

    account suspention due to malware

    how do i reinstall from fresh??
  14. eezeee

    account suspention due to malware

    Hi I had made my blog using wordpress theme. Is there any ways I can restore all files without affecting everything else? presently there is error in my index,php files
  15. eezeee

    account suspention due to malware

    I got this account suspention message "Your account has been heavily compromised; between the malicious phishing redirect in lndex.php (note that it's an L instead of an I) and the mass-mailer stuck in the Wordpress install among other malware, the account was suspended to protect the integrity...
  16. eezeee

    My website isn't loading

    If it was working earlier, I think just give it time. There are occasions when my site has been off for 4-5 days and comes back thereafter. Do not tinker the settings anywhere because hen you wont know if fault is at your end or the server end.
  17. eezeee

    Backing up WP Site

    I am using WP for my web page. My account is getting suspended frequently after using it over three years, without an apparant reason, wherein it has almost been dormant for more than a month and the usage was much more earlier and it never exceeded limits of resources. I need to back it up...
  18. eezeee

    Do More images in post lead to suspension

    I am using WP. Lately my account got suspended without any reason for "using more resource" I had done nothing but write some posts with pictures that were uploaded in the media library. I have now deleted all plugin too less just two of them... I had almost 9 plugin earlier but they never...
  19. eezeee

    Please Unsuspend

    My account has been suspended. The reason I cannot understand is - Suspension Reason: You have been suspended for high system resource usage. Accounts are suspended for usage when they are detected to have consistently high cpu usage, memory usage, or process amounts. PLEASE UNSUSPECTED and...
  20. eezeee

    website issues

    i cant open my site. i get a message - If you feel you have reached this page in error, please contact the web site owner: It may be possible to restore access to this site by following these instructions for clearing your dns cache. i am using windows7 and have...