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    Computer Freezing Up randomly

    I third this thought [even as I note the problem has been fixed].
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    Tour de France

    Looks like I won. :cool:
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    Can money buy true happiness?

    Lack of money can cause stress ... and ... ... money can create time you didn't have ... ie hiring someone to do your lawn work or laundry ... which would allow you to spend your time with family, on a sailboat, or feeding the homeless
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    FrontPage not connecting to server extensions

    I'm not having any issues publishing with MS Visual Studio (which uses Frontpage extensions). One difference is I'm publishing to an ftp location rather than a http location. I think when X10 is working on their Apache server, it affects http locations but not ftps. Just my guess.
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    SPCA - good PETA - bad
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    Speech Recognition Software (owned by Google) I'm speculating how they use recognition algorithms to supplement their search algorithms. I know they hire phd's in computer vision (image and video recognition specialists). Their internal...
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    Speech Recognition Software

    They are knee deep in the latest image and video recognition algorithms already. Currently, I would guess that their image search relies primarily on tags (direct and indirectly). Another likely input is what user's click on after a particular search. Image and video recognition are probably...
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    Speech Recognition Software

    It, like image recognition (just voice recognition in 2+ dimensions) and action recognition (3+ dimensions), is a very difficult problem. While better algorithms and faster hardware will always make these technologies improve, there are some who believe there is a ceiling that can never be...
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    Speech Recognition Software

    What is Dragon Naturally Speaking? My guess is you train it to recognize your voice and eventually you can "write" a paper using only your voice ... at least that's the goal. So how does that tie into your website? Do you want your website to have that type of functionality? And sorry, I...
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    ASP.NET "DllNotFoundException: gdiplus.dll"

    Did you FTP files? Maybe consider using Visual Studio's publish command which will move all the required files onto X10's file system. And since you're using Visual Studio, I would imagine it is ASP.NET as I don't think Visual Studio explicitly supports ASP in recent versions.
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    ASP.NET "DllNotFoundException: gdiplus.dll"

    No. Are you getting that on your website or building locally with Visual Studio? If locally, are you running as Admin or a Standard User? While not the same error, I've seen similar errors running Visual Studio w/o Admin rights.
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    PHP mail()

    Actually, I was able to get a mail form working using PHP's mail() function. Code is from
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    PHP mail()

    If and when php.mail() gets re-enabled, X10 will create a read-only php.ini file that will have my X10 email settings in it? I'm just trying to understand how this all works.
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    PHP mail()

    Anyone have an example of a php.ini file with email configured? I'm learning I need to have one either in public_html or the .php folder. Thanks, PHP noob
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    PHP mail()

    If mail() was disabled, what would be the norm for creating a Feedback or Contact form on a webpage? The fsockopen() you just mentioned? Thanks
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    Please post your feedback on my site

    I looked at one website and they capture .gif images of nice math equations and insert them into their website with regular HTML <img src="equation.gif" ...> syntax. Doing this will be real tedious but I imagine a dedicated math website has looked for better options. They might be using a web...
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    PHP mail()

    Can anyone help me with the non-programming steps to create a feedback-form on your site? Let's say I create a .php page and use php's built-in mail function. I have a mail setup through X10. What connects my .php page to my X10 mail? A good link would also suffice. I'm looking at a php...
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    Please post your feedback on my site

    Your font is hard to read at times ... the contrast between the font and the background isn't very great. Also, if you're going to do a math website, eventually you probably want to learn how to post your math in a more-math friendly format. Unfortunately, my only experience is non-web. If...
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    Do you believe in God?

    Why do you represent E(t) and E(r) that way? That reads "function of raw energy" and "function of total energy". Wouldn't it read better as - T = R + M ? Where'd you come up with 2,000,000?
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    [REQ] [100 + 100] Simple Linux / Mac testing

    Free-market economy! It is now 200 for the first Linux snapshot and 200 for the first Mac snapshot. Same conditions as before.