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  1. rmaslic

    Do you believe in God?

    Hi everyone! I would just like to contribute to this debate. First of all I do not believe in the existence God, Gods, deities, devils, demons ect. Also I would like pose this question (regarding monotheism). Why would "God" want people worshiping him and going to the church, mosque...
  2. rmaslic

    The right age to get married?

    I chose 25-30 because 20-30 is a bit too young and 30-40 is too old. But, it is different for everyone.
  3. rmaslic

    How will the future world be?

    I think it is impossible to know exactly how the future is going to be but current events indicate it might not be good for a while.
  4. rmaslic

    Users stealing credits..

    I am very glad to see that the X10 staff is looking into this. These people who steal credits are committing a crime.
  5. rmaslic

    Obama is president!!!

    Barack Obama became today the first African-American president ever. All who support Obama say YAY! all who don't say NAY!
  6. rmaslic

    What is your Zombie Plan?

    Hey man, what if zombies are created by the government or something like in that movie, then they infect people spreading there zombie plague. There are two types of people, those who have a zombie plan and those whom we call "dinner". :thefinger
  7. rmaslic

    What is your Zombie Plan?

    What is your plan when zombies take over the Earth (aka a zombie plan)? Mine is moving to Alaska since zombie dont give off body heat. They will freeze. :cool:
  8. rmaslic

    Do you think Obama will be a good president?

    I hope he is after all the previous ones. I think he might do just fine in my opinion
  9. rmaslic

    Against Kosovo's Decleartion of Independance or for it

    Are you against or for the Kosovo's declaration of independence. *Note that the argument for the independence is that Serbs supposedly killed thousands of Albanians down in Kosovo during there campaign against the Terrorist KLA. This has yet to be proven. The Argument against the...
  10. rmaslic

    Pro-Choice or Pro-Life

    Are you Pro-Choice or Pro-Life? Please write your thoughts detailed and please remember that it has to be at least 1+ lines.
  11. rmaslic

    Will you keep on getting free software?

    I Personally think pirating is bad but then again prices for things in the store a very expensive and sometimes of even bad quality. I think the government should regulate the economy seeing as corporate CEOs cant.
  12. rmaslic

    Which Day do you Prefer?

    Which day of the week to you prefer and why? If you do not have a favorite day then simply click none of the above.
  13. rmaslic

    Are you a Lefty, Moderate or Righty?

    Are you a Lefty, Moderate or Righty or dont know in terms of politcal preferences.
  14. rmaslic

    If Join McCain Became President what would happen?

    If Join McCain Became President what would happen in your opinion
  15. rmaslic

    Thanks Microsoft

    stupid microsoft
  16. rmaslic

    Mac or PC

    Are you a Mac or PC person or a linux I am prefer PC because of Gaming but I like linux too. I dont like Mac partially because of there agressive advertising campaign.
  17. rmaslic

    What are some other free hosts that you been with?

    The name says it all :cool:
  18. rmaslic

    Websites down

    I cant enter cpanel ><
  19. rmaslic

    Can't login to cPanel

    not to me
  20. rmaslic

    Hello, need some answers if you can help me!

    i hae same prob