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    Parked domain giving 503 error?

    Check your DNS settings or the A record IP you've entered. 503 means Service unavailable...
  2. kajasweb

    index file

    1. Check whether the filename contains only lower-case letters. index.html 2. Check whether you have overriden the DirectoryIndex apache directive in your .htaccess file
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    creating the best logos for less

    Hmmm.. Looks good. Can you create a logo for my upcoming site You propose the concept for the logo. I have a concept of having a red chilly in my logo. You can build on this and try. I will give 150 credits for this.
  4. kajasweb

    site review

    Here is my list of suggestions/comments on your website. 1. Usage of Google Connect Widgets to engage users is a good idea. :cool: 2. Try some colorful and contrasting wallpaper. 3. The Logo is not very catchy and also doesn't looks like a logo. I was searching for it... the one you have...
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    Need Suggestion for Forum Contest

    Ok.. The reward part is fine... What kind of contest can drive REAL members for my site?
  6. kajasweb

    Need Suggestion for Forum Contest

    Hi all, I need to promote my site through some contests on popular & active forums. But, I need a good idea for launching the contest. Please give me some really good idea for my contest. I want to drive real members for my site, not just visitors/members who just comes for...
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    Question about changing hosting plans

    Just order your paid hosting and raise a support ticket at ( after signup ) to transfer your account from free to paid servers.
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    Unanswered Question

    That's acceptable.
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    Dupal Upgrade using Fantastico

    I would recommend you to stick with Drupal 5.x till Drupal 7 release, as Drupal 6.x is NOT so stable for production sites.
  10. kajasweb

    Glad to have found x10 - Seems to good to be true

    I think, you should have posted this in "Free Hosting" section. BTW, I would recommend you to get the configuration settings from cPanel -> Email Accounts page and configure your Outlook. That works like a charm.
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    NEXT CLUB---do review it

    Do you provide a page with links of submitted materials?
  12. kajasweb

    Hello ...

    Welcome to x10Hosting. Hope, you'll enjoy your stay here.
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    [50 x10 Credits] Register & Use

    @neteater, You just have updated your member profile. Kindly add any item and invite few friends for credits.
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    Review: - Your Life Online

    Will PM you in minutes. I don't want to take this thread off-topic.
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    [50 x10 Credits] Register & Use

    Just one participant?? 50 Credits for FREE.. Come on...
  16. kajasweb

    Review: - Your Life Online

    Yes.. I'm interested.. I have just designed that logo in matter of 20 minutes. Can you please show (link) some of your works. I'll decide on seeing them.
  17. kajasweb

    [50 x10 Credits] Register & Use

    Paid 50 Credits. Please post your comments about the site in the thread,
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    Review: - Your Life Online

    Hello everyone... A small intro about features & highlights of Member Profiles Fans & Friends Unlimited Audio ( MP3 ) Uploads / Playlists Unlimited Video Uploads Unlimited Photo Uploads Blogging Widgets to Play Audio / Video in YOUR Site ( with Playlists ). Notify your...
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    [50 x10 Credits] Register & Use

    Hello everyone... Hope, you all know that we have started a new Social Networking site, I'm trying to promote it and get more users actively participating in our network. So, here is my offer. Before, going into details about the offer, just a small intro about features &...
  20. kajasweb

    favorite social networking site?

    I use orkut once in a week.. Hope, will be coming in your favorite site list soon.