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    Set Permissions Question (Free Account)

    In the cPanel File Manager, you can right click on files and/or directories and there will be a menu option labeled "Change Permissions". It's also available in the top menu with the key icon. When you select this, you will see a dialog with checkboxes and three boxes. In the three boxes, you...
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    Are users allowed to upload images on free hosting?

    Yes you're allowed to have a feature which lets registered users upload images, however that cannot be the primary purpose of the site. An example of a valid site that allows image uploads would be a forum. You cannot host a general image hosting service (or any file hosting service) on free...
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    Unable to create SiteBuilder user (2).

    Make backups before doing anything. Always a good idea, just in case. Its probably best to remove all the RVSiteBuilder generated files before installing Joomla or things could get messy. Go to your website and copy the text/image content of each page (in addition to the earlier backups). This...
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    Am I able to create a TS3 Server using X10Hosting?

    Not on free hosting, which is a shared hosting environment, so you can't install binaries required for TeamSpeak. Furthermore, free hosting does not provide the sufficient CPU/memory resources needed for something like that. Paid shared hosting won't let you do this either. You'll need a VPS at...
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    Website coming soon even after 24 hours.

    It shows up as two folders because you don't have an index file in the root (directly in public_html) folder. Move all the files in the "MyOwnSite" folder to the base "public_html" folder and try loading your URL again. So instead of /public_html/MyOwnSite/index.html Your files would be in...
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    When is the control panel going to be back up?

    The latest update from SolusVM says they received their external audit report and are currently reviewing it (8/19/13): Sorry for any inconvenience.
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    Hi all

    Welcome and thanks for choosing x10hosting! If you ever need any help, feel free to ask the community:
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    New member ..... Premium?

    The domain is free of charge as long as you remain on that payment cycle. If you decide to change to a payment plan that doesn't include the free domain, then you would be charged the regular annual fees for a domain.
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    Csf firewall - lfd suspicious process: nginx, php5-fpm, and mysqld

    I'm using an unmanaged VPS running nginx and the ConfigServer firewall. I'm receiving thousands of notification emails about suspicious processes: nginx, php5-fpm, and mysqld, three of the most important services running. The root mail file reaches over 2.5 million lines each week. I would like...
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    Viewing/Managing Files on the VPS

    I recommend installing vsftpd so you can manage files through an FTP client ( No cPanel (or another control panel) required.
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    Nameservers or A records

    That looks correct for your server. However, you typically would choose either nameservers or A records. Depending on the situation, nameservers are usually preferred since it won't change even if the servers change. When you use nameservers, any A records you set at your domain registrar...
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    Disk Space Usage too low

    You may have had a lot of temporary files (usually in a folder named /tmp/). My temporary files folder became larger than the rest of my files combined a few times in the past. Your site seems to be a forum, which stores most of its info in a database, so unless a lot of large files are being...
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    Can Any1 Help?

    The nameservers are:
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    free domains?

    I have no idea whether or not reports of domains that receive a lot of traffic getting parked ("stolen") are true. Domains I have with .tk never received much traffic. However, it is a free service so it technically wouldn't be a "scam" since you're not paying or even giving much personal...
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    Free allowed to post ads?

    Yes, you are allowed to place your own ads on your free hosting website.
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    free domains? may be rated that way because there are lot of malicious sites hosted with the domain name: Avast and other security services flag a whole domain when some subdomains are malicious. For free domains, you can try something like...
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    about your vps services

    The language rule (English, Spanish, French) only applies to free hosting. You may use any language you wish on VPS services.
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    (Help) Mysql Port & Mysql Host

    The host is localhost and the port should be 3306.
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    Where can i get my databse Host????????

    Welcome to x10hosting! The database host would be localhost.
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    how to increase storage website?

    Please see this news post about obtaining unmetered disk space: