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  1. chatngox

    WordPress Contact Form 7 Plugin Problem

    In your Wordpress general setting, what is the email address used? I believe contact form 7 is using that address which differs from ur cpanel email
  2. chatngox

    Forgot username

    Why not check forum account details and see if that the email address you've used for the site.
  3. chatngox

    Recover Database

    Okay. Maybe a staff may able to help.
  4. chatngox

    Recover Database

    yeah, dono m8. i just waited for like 2 days and my database magically showed up. ;)
  5. chatngox

    Recover Database

    you have to be patient. that happened to me while back and i waited after closed when they hangs and my database was restored
  6. chatngox

    503 Service Unavailable

    What caching plugin you are talking about? If you have one I recommended to remove the plugin and use the one provided by x10 instead. Recently x10 made changes to htaccess file configuration, some code is not allowed which might result in this. do a backup of your htaccess code before you...
  7. chatngox

    My wordpress can't work

    what you mean by that? do u have a screenshot. works here in my end
  8. chatngox

    would like the free upgrade on my account

    same here, thanks
  9. chatngox

    Cannot load from mysql.proc - WordPress

    Yeah, I recently have problem updating my wordpress and always stuck at middle
  10. chatngox

    What is a 'robot' in the 'Members Online Now' section?

    Guest: A person who just visits the site Member: Person like you, Angus or me with an actual account to post, comment etc Staff: Dead-i etc to regularly answers questions Bot: Google, Bing etc are crawlers or spiders that occasionally visits the site to index the site
  11. chatngox

    403 page

    Does the back end of your site have a BB Code adder. Like (phpbb, mybb, ipb etc?) Did you add a new BB Code to phrase a JS? That could be a problem
  12. chatngox

    CSS problem

    okay. don't forget to clear your browser's cache too. also try using ie/edge to see if they act the same
  13. chatngox

    CSS problem

    Use FTP to replace the default theme folder and go to ACP and do a theme apply, maybe that will help!
  14. chatngox

    Account Suspension

    India is not whitelisted on x10, so you must logging from US or a whitelsited account and looks like youre suspended too. Maybe staff can clearly more.
  15. chatngox

    WordPress Site + AdSense official plugin = failed with error code 404

    isn't 404 a mod_sec thing? mod security
  16. chatngox

    Server error

    So I went to check my site today as I finally got some time. So I went and updated some of the plugins. After that when on wordpress admin and I get Server error . I think something in my htaccess Never mind. I followed this page and found one of my plugins are causing it.
  17. chatngox

    Happy New Year

    Yes. Happy new year to all members, foes & staff here at x10.
  18. chatngox

    "License has a future date"

    You need to contact the right hosting since this URL doesn't seem to be from x10
  19. chatngox

    Error 503 Backend fetch failed

    I don't think this is a place to talk about other hostings?
  20. chatngox

    Facebook refuses to acknowledge my x10 email

    Strange. Must be a Facebook thing now to prevent spam