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    Change to Inactivity Policy

    That is Good. Thanks, but atill, i will still make an attempt to log into the forums every now and then. Awesome :)
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    New Dude

    welcome, hope you have a wonderfull stay with our community..........
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    Death Penalty

    As far as i want the death penalty to be granted, the Govenment here in South Africa does not support it. Even though we have tried to get them to approve it to no avail. There are many Inmates in Sun City who are serving life sentences who are supposed to be dead by now but re still alive, in...
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    new on this site

    Bonjour, enchanté de vous rencontrer Welcome to X10 Community
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    Make money from the Stage Bux ptc site ($1 payout) NO INVESTMENT

    Isn't this one of those things that you sign up. Click but never get paid?
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    Free Quality WordPress Themes by subxpert

    Re: Free Premium Quality WordPress Theme | Ceriumoid I like this one..........
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    Unlimited Hosting

    So can someone please explain to me how unlimited hosting works? How its possible not ever filling the disk space? As far as i am concerned i have never heard of an unlimited hard drive so how does this work?
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    Review my site

    What happened to the 1? since you gave it a 9/10?
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    Google+ vs Facebook

    I would also go with google+ . Facebook is the leader in Social networking and advertising but we gotta try something new. Something untested, i have not yet seen the results of Google+ but i got a feeling they gonna make it.
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    Review my site

    Its... Quite nice, good work, how about a suggestion, maybe get some featured photos in a jquery slideshow, how about that?
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    Which is best free webmail ?

    Gmail still rules :)
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    Please review my Blog

    More or less, Its cool
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    Website Not Showing

    I have cleared the cache and flushed the dns, waited for 48 hours and still getting the same problem.
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    Free Wordpress themes by Themesjunction

    Well, i use wordpress all the time so be assured that we will be best friends
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    Email Verification

    Ok, no prob, it came this morning. Thanks for your help.
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    Website Not Showing

    Hie, i just installed wordpress on my website and its still showing the Default website page. Whats up? ow can i remove it? the website is
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    Email Verification

    Its been three hours already and i'm getting frustrated.
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    Email Verification

    I checked and tried the resend verification, still nothing. Whats up? Is there a problem there with the sending of verification links?
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    Which is best free webmail ?

    Personally i will take gmail. I have using it for years and never disappointed. I have used yahoo but due to browser incompatibility had to quit. But what the heck, Google Mail Rules
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    Email Verification

    Hello, i signed up for a hosting account and i still have not received a verification email to get my hosting account activated. I received an email with my forum login passwords but no verification email. Any ideas whats up? I need to get up and running soon. Thanks