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    Need help to get SSL configuration enabled

    Hi, Please help to enable my SSL configuration, without which I cannot ask for a SSL certificate for the website. Screen capture attached. Thanks a lot, Sam
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    SSL configuration is disabled

    Hi, Can an admin help to enable SSL configuration for my account? I need it to allow a secure https website. Thanks a lot. Sam
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    Cannot list files in directories

    I have a directory with files in it. I used to be able to see the filenames in that directory when I type the URL path for that directory in the browser (still working yesterday). This directory does not have any index.html files or the like. I checked the .htaccess file in the top...
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    Account reactivation request

    Yes, my cPanel username is fumaster. Unfortunately, I was out of the country when the account was de-activated. And then there was the updates on Stoli. I was waiting for the server to be upgraded and checked out. Then I could not log into the cPanel account anymore. I now know why, as like...
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    Account reactivation request

    Hi, My account was hosted on Stoli. I was out of the country for a while and when I tried to access my account a week or so back, I found that it has been suspended. Is it possible to reactivate it, please? I was waiting for Stoli to come back up and try to reactivate myself, but it appears...