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  1. jmchort

    CAn any1 make me a 88x31 button?

    Plz i do no have experience on making that buttons. The only conditions are: text: El RINCON color: greens thank you so much!!! :flowers:
  2. jmchort

    Error Message Generator

    this is a way to create original images of usual windows 95/xp errors but you can personalice them : it can be used to create original banners, humor content, etc. here is the link: Error Message Generator bye!
  3. jmchort

    Best mp3 flash player?

    Hi! i want to put background music on my mambo web, and i would like to play it with a mp3 flash player. What is the best one? where i can download it? (Please an easy install one ;) ) thanks!!! :happy: :happy:
  4. jmchort

    My cpanel works again, thanks

    A lot of messages complaining about cpanel doesnt work. Well i can now acces to cpanel, thank you administrator/s. I hate people that only complain and complain and never say thank you. I think soon will be server work 100% ok. bye! :happy:
  5. jmchort

    a little question...

    If i put a html with a video that has src (source) in other web.. the size of the video will add to my account's montly bandwitch every time video is viewed?? p.d. sorry about my english... :pinch:
  6. jmchort

    Are my ads on right?

    Hi!! My site is under construction and i want to know if the ads are ok. I have Advance hosting. My site bye! :happy:
  7. jmchort

    500 Internal Server Error

    EDIT: sorry i solved the problem: it was that i had to CHMOD web folder to 755 . sorry about this post. Hi!! I have a little problem. I installed Mambo Open Source with fantástico in 'web' folder ( ) but i have that error. I go to Error log in Cpanel and...
  8. jmchort

    DNS problem

    hi!! i got my Advanced Account 31 hours ago and i can acces to cpanel and web using the ip, but i cant acces using domain name ( ). This is normal? how many time i have to wait until DNS work?? thank you :happy: P.D i had read a lot of FAQs and sry if this...