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  1. Skizzerz

    Unlimited vs Unmetered

    They mean the same thing. New accounts start with a 512MB disk space quota, which after meeting qualifications you can ask to have that lifted (so there is no quota, and thus you can store "unlimited" data, within reason). Nothing is truly unlimited (this applies to everywhere you go, not just...
  2. Skizzerz

    My Site Is Not Loading What Is Up??

    xo7 is having some issues, we're working on them. Hang tight!
  3. Skizzerz

    When creating a stored procedure- #1548 - Cannot load from mysql.proc

    Please try again, I've repaired the mysql.proc table (so if it was indeed corrupted, that would have fixed it).
  4. Skizzerz

    Account Suspended.

    You should be able to log in to appeal the suspension at -- make sure you use the email address you registered the account with. Be thorough in your appeal, providing as much evidence as you can.
  5. Skizzerz

    Email problem

    What email address are you attempting to send from? You can reply in PM if you would like. EDIT: I was able to find your address in our system (it's a bit flakey sometimes), and it looks like all of your emails were sent successfully. We filter all outgoing email for spam, but none of your...
  6. Skizzerz

    Account Suspended.

    This forum account is not attached to any hosting accounts. What domain/account are you talking about?
  7. Skizzerz

    Log-in from an other country

    Removed/edited some posts, please keep things civil.
  8. Skizzerz

    now my 4th request for unlinited disk space

    It seems the upgrade didn't go through, I reapplied it.
  9. Skizzerz

    Cant add domain.

    If you cannot use our nameservers, ensure your A record is set to You may need to wait a while for that record to propagate; sometimes it takes up to 48 hours but usually only takes 2-4 hours.
  10. Skizzerz

    Request for unlimited disk space

    I have upgraded your account to unmetered disk space, enjoy!
  11. Skizzerz

    Request for unlimited disk space

    x10Hosting is not a file hosting site, all accounts must have working websites, and all files uploaded must relate to that website. Please see our Terms of Service for more information. You are not eligible for an upgrade at this time because you do not have a website. I'll check back in a week...
  12. Skizzerz

    Emails Being Marked as Spam

    Can you give examples of emails being marked as spam (dates, recipients, etc. -- you can do this in PM for privacy if you'd like)? I'm looking at your email history and it says that the majority of emails you sent out were passed through our server successfully, including 2 sent out today.
  13. Skizzerz

    Banned without reason.

    Neither of your accounts are suspended. Additionally, when I visit your domains, I see your site and not any other form of error/suspended page. Ensure you are logging into instead of directly to your cPanel.
  14. Skizzerz

    Site Builder not working

    There is no difference between a parked and addon domain insofar as features (such as email accounts) are concerned. The difference solely concerns where your files get put Parked domain = another name for your main domain, files put directly in public_html Addon domain = an extra site, files...
  15. Skizzerz

    now my 4th request for unlinited disk space

    As @essellar stated, your account does not qualify for unmetered disk space at this time. 99.1% of your used space is emails. x10Hosting is a web host, not an email host; while we offer email services along with websites because doing otherwise would be a huge disservice to our users, the point...
  16. Skizzerz

    Error: 421 Home Directory not available - aborting

    Sorry for the delay, I was looking into what happened here and how to address it. The easiest fix for this will likely be for you to delete your hosting account and then sign up again. I can attempt an in-place fix to restore your home directory, but I am unsure that it will work due to how our...
  17. Skizzerz

    Account inactivity final warning.

    That is a legitimate message, albeit with an old/outdated link. Ensure you are signing into the portal at (the /portal link redirects there), logging into FTP or the forums (or cPanel directly) does not count. I'm going to investigate more as to why the links in...
  18. Skizzerz

    Help on enabling MySQL's event scheduler

    This feature is not available on free hosting. You can likely make use of cron jobs to fulfill the same purpose. Note that our free hosting Terms of Service restricts accounts to running no more than one cron job every 5 minutes.
  19. Skizzerz


    This indicates that you may be using some sort of proxy in order to connect. Note that x10Hosting blocks proxy/VPN IPs from logging in as these can be used to bypass our country restrictions. Please see this topic for advice on how to disable using a proxy on your computer.
  20. Skizzerz

    Now Eligible-New Request For Disk Space Upgrade

    May I ask how exactly your existing website is 551 MB? Does it include a database dump? If so, don't upload that portion of it. If it's lots of images, try downscaling them or saving them as lossy .jpgs instead of lossless .pngs. If it's videos, use a video hosting service. You will not be able...