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    Top 5 Sites You Visit?

    1. Google 2. Gmail 3. youtube 4. urban terror forums - 5. FTW league forums -
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    My Favourite Game

    im gonna go more back in time favorite game? probably chrono trigger old school games are the best of course UT will always be a classic and a great old school game
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    My son asked 23 times ( very touching)

    good story interesting.
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    Guess Who Posts Next

    nope well at least not the x10 staff i guess the next person that posts is gonna be an active forum user
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    Playing DOS games in vista/XP/Linux like old school.

    never understood DOS games dunno commands so thats probably why i never understood it
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    Would you play a text based game?

    i find most text based game i would rather play a game like runescape that only text based but of course id rather play other games besides runescape since runescape blows.
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    awsome under construction page

    man i didnt even spend 5 minutes on my construction page haa
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    Any good RPG's READ DISC.

    rohan perfect world silk road all good games some kids might like maplestory
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    Anyone enjoying Left 4 Dead?

    i tried it my computer is too crappy to run it hahaha
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    beginners guide to .css styling

    woww.. ty i really needed this this will help me a bunch.
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    Database Connection Problem

    i have problems getting connected after i put my database info and stuff into scripts is that from my end or ?? i got all the correct info, ive checked it bunch of times. and idk
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    How do you like my site?

    very simple website.
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    MY site

    my site uses free hosting, plus paid hosting. plus kmleague script
  14. S and webirc

    anyone know how to use the link for to enable the irc?
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    Swine Flu

    i doubt the swine flu was bad as it was said but i feel sry for the people who caught it already and died
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    This or That

    Ubuntu Windows Or Mac?
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    what is your favourite online game?

    the best game is urban terror it is a free fps that is better than CS:S
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    Hello from Urban Terror

    Hello im from urban terror and i run the league X tournament Urban terror is a free fps game very enjoyable Just felt like saying Hi so.. HELLO